Information concerning HWS RE PVP sectors?

Dear fellow pilots,

there are some PVP sectors, which i appreciate very much, as i can be 100% sure to meet only guys with stainless steel balls there, and no warm shower takers like @Bob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now the question : The space there is nice, with a lot of ressouces. Even more resources after you have poofed some players with enough courage to join in here (but you need a multitool to salvage their blocks :joy:).

Yes, yes, also the Golden Globe planet is nice, but what is the deeper meaning of the homeworld planet ? No POIs, a lot of ressouces plus some PVP bases of the apex factions. What shall we do here, battle each other ? Also here we find the planet „Eton“, appearently some HWS private planet, which kicks you out after touching the atmosphere. What is the purpose, private parties of Rex and Jascha, or what is happening there.

Finally we have the Phoenix entrance system. Very nice. But you can lock & jump to the real Phoenix playfield from there, but just the the Homeworld/Golden Globe PVP sector.

Maybe some guru is willing the share the knowledge ?

Happy exploration to all of you.

you tag me but you don’t want to response from me?

I don’t see a question there at all. what’s the purpose of this post?

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Ahh ok, i am sorry, my post was meant for users above an IQ of 80.

I will try again by using an easy sentence :innocent:

How - can - i - warp - into - the - Phoenix - sector - after - using - the - supergate ?

congratulations. that is an actual question but considering how rude you were in your response, you can find the answer on your own. perhaps if you use better manners in the future you might get your questions answered…

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I warned you about your toxicity.
You are muted in the forum now.

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