Ingame PDA not working?

I checked out HWS shortly before the 5.0 drop but then decided to wait until after the 5.0 was deployed due to the reset. During that time I saw the ingame PDA after being referenced to it. I have since now rejoined and started playing and have read the website guides and such but I haven’t been able to see the ingame PDA at all. Is it supposed to be not working at this time?

It use to work for a period of time under 4.0… but even then it stopped working. I even did the download to add the pictures, think that seems to be when it stopped working. As for 5.0, i think it was stated that they will be updating it… hopefully fixing the overall issue as well… glad to see it wasn’t just me though…

Thanks for the Info. We will look into it.
But we had to concentrate on the most important stuff for now.

Sorry. It is not bugged but just delayed a bit unfortunately. After my holiday I implement it to HWS again (updated)

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