Insanely bad performance

When I join the server the peformance is so bad, I can’t barely move, the game finally crashes. This is where I spawned (im new to this game, I don’t even remember what planet I clicked on)

My computer is not the best in the world but runs at a decent 40-60fps in low settings in single player and other servers I tried. What’s happening?

I will add to this.

When I first started as freelancer my RAM usage spiked to 15GB and frame rates dropped. There is something about the start that isnt working as it should performance wise. I was fortunate to have a system that could handle it but others like the OP do not. We may be losing many new starters at this stage.

Once outside and onto planet surface the issues started clearing up and RAM usage dropped especially after a relog. However, it still runs high daily at 8-10GB in my 16GB system.

@RexXxuS - Is there anything you can do to reduce the demand especially at the very start?

Short story: if you survive the first few minutes, everything will be smooth again.

Full story: on your first join you don’t have caches of the new HWS universe. If you press straight at the beginning M for example you see a white globe. That means in the background the game is downloading the cache of the planet.
That not only drops your FPS but also pushes your RAM.
Reason for that is that we are using the new “good performance” splatmaps. The cake is a lie. Other servers just tried to update their servers as fast as possible without bothering the new content Alpha 7 brought in, so they are using the “good old” procedural planets.

For the future we will do benchmarks with Eleon or just get rid of these planets for starters at least.


@nucca Try upping your virtual memory to 20gig’s just for now and start the game and just leave it running for awhile without moving (10-15min just incase), if its crashing that probably means its using more ram than you have allocated, it will be even slower with that much vram but it will be a lot more stable, you can always change it back after your pc has updated the world and everything.

Im not sure how to do that, I have 7 GB of ram. Sure it’s not that much nowadays, but it works just fine on other servers. You can’t expect people to stay there for 10 minutes hoping it doesn’t crash, just fix the spawn place, there’s something obviously very wrong going on on there. My friends also suffered from this and told me that they are not playing on that server. It is a shame because I want to play on the server with the most players but it’s just a mess when you spawn.

Like Rex said it goes away. You might crash a few times on load but once it’s all said and done the performance is fine.

You have 7gigs of ram but you need 15gigs just for the first few minutes until everything loads so follow this is pretty straight forward:

add 10 gigs of vram from your c drive or what ever drive is the fastest and wam you should be able to get through the begining fine then after a few minutes your game will go smooth again.

This is not how you get newcomers to play into your server. Most people would simply leave and not bother. This needs to be fixed. Make the spawn structure simpler or whatever is causing the lag to happen to stop.

You do have a point.

Rex already said this is his solution for beginner’s so don’t worry about them worry about yourself for now and get it working it wont take long.

@RexXxuS Metrics-wise - can you measure how many newbies leave in the first 5-10 mins? If significantly higher than last season maybe the start could be adjusted somehow?

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Thanks for you honest feedback.
I explained already why that happened in detail.

I escalated it to the Devs and they found one big RAM leak combined with the new splatmaps.

As soon as the new patch with this fix I welcome you to test it again please.


I will try it when you can confirm what update contains that fix. Is it the latest 7.0.4 or not yet?
I just don’t want to try to join the server again because the computer will get stuck.

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I talked with Eleon today, so the next patch coming maybe this week will be 7.1. Please try then again.
Btw. I just tested the closed build. Before I had 11GB RAM usage (because I have 32GB RAM in total the game gives me automatically a high resolution texture). But now I only got 6GB RAM usage.

A big improvement.

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Cool, i think i will be able to get past the spawn then and hopefully it’s smoother when i travel further from it.

Im new to this game, I saw there is 6 planets to spawn at, and one of them is pvp which is also the only one that doesn’t get bases removed (so basically the rest are for looting) is this correct?

But there are more planets out there right? it would kinda suck if we are limited to 5 planets to loot and 1 pvp planet to build. I thought this game was like Starmade where planets spawn as you travel deeper into space and you can build on any of them and claim them with your faction, put turrents on them and conquer the universe.

A little side info Rexxxus, I returned to Starter earlier this week to help a friend get off the planet, and saw my RAM usage more than double when I was on A2. I dont think this can be attributed to the initial loadup, as I had already explored the galaxy myself well before this over several days. Might be something else going on on starters.

There are far more than the 6 starter planets in the universe.

This map is a general outline of the universe. Typically, starter planets are just so you can level up a bit and gather enough resources to warp to the next place and settle.There are a lot more PvP and PvE planets around the universe. Each structure you build on the starter planets will exist for 7 days before it’s wiped by the server, so you’ll want to goo elsewhere before that.

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Nucca - given you are new to the game - you have triple the learning curve by starting in mp and on hws. If you stay with it, it will be a great experience.

But accept that you will be frustrated frequently while making the climb.

Be sure to ask questions here and in discord along the way. Maybe consider joining a faction with more experience. And, avoid pvp areas, especially at peak times until you get some guidance in that area. Also, accept the fact that you likely will need to return to starter, possibly several times while you learn the ins/outs.

Rexxxus seeks to create a server that is welcoming to novices and those with 1,000 hrs+ or multiples there of in their back pocket. A tough thing to achieve, but continually he’s refining to get ever closer to that elusive and moving target.

Take it one step at a time and enjoy the ride.


Thanks for replies. I don’t see many planets on that picture to be honest. I am used to playing Starmade where you have tons of planets, this seems rather limited (if I understand the image correctly)

In the future, will we get procedual universe that generates planets as you go deeper and discover them instead of being pre-set by the admins of the server? because if there is a map for all know places I dont really feel like im exploring much.

Case in point, this is a screenshot of galaxy clusters in starmade, it really makes you feel like you are a tiny dot in space:

I dont feel this sense of overwheelming space when i play this game.

Another cool pic where you can see worm holes across galaxy clusters

Will we be able to get this sense of scale in Empyrion in the future?