Interesting Idea on Weapon Limits

Ok so i just came up with an idea I wouldnt mind floating up to the HWS/Eelon team…

Instead of saying you Max weapons = 34 which is 6 of this, 4 of this, 6 of that… have each ship with a WP (Weapon Point) allotment. Each type of weapon could then have a point value assigned to it… so something like

Artillery = 10 points
Pulse = 6 point
MG = 3 point

You could even further this by saying ok, Class 3 ships get something like 30 points to spend, Class 4 shipts get 50 points to spend, etc…

Then this would allow folks to put the weapon types they feel are most important to the builds they are trying to achieve. You want a CV with 5 Artillery turrents, sure, but you wont have points for anything else. You want an SV with 8 Railguns, ok, but dont expect to fit in any rockets.

I think this idea could be a breath of fresh air for ship customization… so thoughts on this?


Sounds good to me. 8 rocket launchers on my SV :slight_smile:

CV turret amounts should be related to ship size. Fitting 34 on a 25k iron disposable CV and the same 34 on a 190k borderline class 4/5 just feels wrong.

The same freedoms applied to HVs would be beneficial too as you’ll be able to further customise regarding specific use. 15 rocket launchers for AA role (versus SVs) or an extra arty for base attack role.

Something like so:?

Its like Marconi and Tesla inventing the Radio at the same time in two different countries!

I do love the idea tho - WOuld make for a cool dynamic. But its all leaned on nerfing, so something else has to make it better than just a small ship with guns or we go back to just gian ships with guns.

ha, didnt even see his post in all that wow… thats crazy we both thought up same idea near the same time… guess great minds do think alike hehe

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This idea has been discussed in detail with eleon in the past.

They have got lots of potential ideas and we can expect to see some big changes to the whole of. Multiplayer in the next major update (7.0)

I for one am really forward to seeing what we get :grin:


Sounds like 7.0 will please a lot of the killers out there.

Folks be warned, use 6.0 as your woogie, and build up your reserves and skills to be a contender when MP PVP becomes a focus for feature adds. :heart:


Idea has in fact been floating around for a while, and its a great one.

I can’t write anymore… HAhahaha… :smiley:

The idea is good. But i think it could allow to make planets-CV filled with gatling that could beat any SV… Beware of abuses.