Internal Erro

I was trying the new RC2 in single player, just to familiarizze with new mechanics :smiley:
I’ve got Internal Error(continue quint&d Mail) 5 times in only 1 hour of play.
I was using a SV atacking a POI killing turrets with gatling gun (i have 4 mounted in my sv)
THen i got in space and attacked the carrier same problem(and sometimes apparentelly the gatling does not work or does not deal damage to turrets)
Then i got attacked by a freight cargo, same problem, using the gatling apparentelly generates this issue.
I think i have the logs but i dont know how to send you, maybe thou discord if you can explain where i can find them

Go to console and uncheck the box to push errors. Up top.

where? in game?

Press your console button `

Then at the top it’ll say something like IBL exceptions - uncheck the tick box.

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