Internal error, continue or send email?

I believe that’s what it says, on two different computers attempting to run the game.
In game name is abrum13. stuck in orbit.

Nothing to do with this server.

Welcome to Alpha.

ok, well it only happens when i connect to your server, my ship is in orbit and i cant move it or myself atm. Is it possible to land my ship and see if that fixes it?

Any suggestions are welcome

Is your jetpack on when you’re in space?

im sitting in the cockpit of the spaceship. i can move limited but no jetpack on. I opened a cargo container to grab some warp fuel and it started.

apparently it was Vlad’s fault, its gone now

It is a bug in the current version of Empyrion. It mostly happens on transitions. Generally hits me exiting a planet atmo, but has happened on opening my inventory. Only thing to do is hit quit, let the game crash, reload.

We found that our friend vladtepes is the cause of this error in the milkyway playfield, his character his bugged, screen from his session:

Everytime he logs in, the whole milkyway playfield is stuck, when he leaves, everything is fine.