Introduce yourself

Welcome on HWS! If you want you can introduce yourself or your faction and its intention here.

We wish you a lot of fun and feel free to ask anything you want.

Sort of an about me…

Hey there folks, you may have seen me around the server, I go by Dr. Mit. I’m the leader of Miner’s Squad (MsD) (we’re currently under a different name, although I’ll probably find a permanent name eventually). If I’m ever around on the server, feel free to ask for help with things as i’m usually tinkering around in our command center on Destiny in PeaceKeeper 4.

I should also be pretty active here on the forum, but if you see me in game, feel free to send me a hello!

P.S: (Wasn’t quite sure where to put this category wise. If this is wrong feel free to move it to a proper place, thanks!)

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Good idea. I made an introduction topic. :slight_smile: Have fun on HWS and welcome

Hello everyone,

New to HWS and I can already tell that this is a worthwhile server.

So yeah, anyway, My name is Jed, I’m Twenty-Nine, I work a full time job and have my own hobbies and interests. Gaming being one of the MANY facets that make up an extensive list of things i like to do for fun when I’m not working.

Back to the game though: I’m liking the atmosphere of the server. I can’t talk a whole lot about in game features I’ve never had the chance to use so, expect a more fleshed out personal review of HWS features. As far as I can tell, there is a bit of a learning curve here with the custom scripts and whatnot but I think this should be quite an interesting time haha

If you’d like to say Hi in game, please do; I’ll more than likely return the gesture
See ya’s in game or here on the forums!

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Rad! I’m sure I saw you speaking earlier, the server is a lot more lively and I enjoy the atmosphere too, let’s get to explorin’ and stuff. :slight_smile:

So I joined the server on Earth braving PvP. Then a few hours after making my first bp base I looked out my window to see a fleet of SVs taking all of 10 seconds to level my new base. Welcome to the server lol. I’m sure many have rage quit after that and I’m not going to lie, I raged a bit, but after a stiff drink and reflecting on the many, many butt rapes I endured playing Ark, I recognized this was a small bump. The saving grace for this server to me was the OCD which just came out, without it all the grinding is to ark like. Spend hours staring at blue splatter and some ■■■■■■■ comes by and shots you in the face. That said the galaxy kicks ass, so much to do! I have not got on ts yet and don’t have time to at the moment but I like this server so I choose to stick with it for the foreseeable future. 89hrs and counting.

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I’m me.

Kalsius - long time MMO’er - spent long hours in EVE since early beta until they broke the game a few years back. Loving Empy (even with the bugs) and am generally regarded as a carebear with teeth. I am not all out combat PvP but I enjoy PvP in all it’s flavours, there are many different ways to beat an opponent that don’t necessarily always involve a fiight :smiling_imp:

You’ll find me out in PvP space, I find PvE too claustrophobic

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Been lurking around the server the last week and liked what I saw so far. Community is very welcoming, helpful, and the staff seem very professional! I appreciate all the hard work they have put in to making a community we all can enjoy.

Glad to be here and hope to see you all out there.
Fly safe everyone!

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Hey all,
I’m on HWS since June (?), tryed some other Multiplayer server, but there everyone played by himself, so i left and came here. I started on the Trader Planet (Jupiter?) which was PvP…so built my underground base…saw a ship landing near me and though “Yeah, finally my first friend!”…he shot me in the head with a sniper rifle from 2 meters…


Came back some days later, started on a PvE planet, built my BA brick by brick, built my SV brick by brick, got wiped by “weekly wipe”.


Came back some days later, started on a PvE planet, synched with weekely wipes and built my BA brick by brick, built my SV brick by brick, built my CV brick by brick (i didn’t knew about Blueprints)…did my first warp to Homeworld sector…explored a planet…Thranir blew me after few seconds with all my minerals…


Tryied others servers, searching for one without regular wipes so that i can go exploring without risking all and wasting hours mining…but they where or full of lonewolves or all written in russian…so came back to HWS, but this time was to stay.

And here i’m…a serial ragequitter…but i like it!
OCD and AM helped my a lot…now i know that i can lose everything but i can save my T2 drill (i HATE to pickup manually all the ore i mined) and i can keep the AM fueled so that i can always start again without reset.

I’ve built my safe-spot in PK4 orbit (come to visit Space-Stop, soon we’ll have a free Food/O2 corner)…and preparing for some PvP action.
I hope that HWS can give me a “Freelance” experience (for the ones who remember the old game), so i would like to act as a transporter, trader, fighter, whatever! I’m Lawless, man!

Cya in space, cowboys!


Hey folks,

Few friends and I joined the server a few days ago. It’s been a blast so far!

I’ve been extremely impressed with the server and management as a whole and look forward to getting enmeshed in the community.

It’s taken us a few days to get used to the rules and unique properties of the server but it’s head and shoulders above everything else we’ve seen.

We’re moving into the path of Piracy at the moment and look forward to murdering yall and getting murdered in return.

Glad to be here and see ya around!