Introducing HWS Watchers - And calling on volunteers!

The HWS Watcher Program

Hello my friends!

Many of you have asked what you can do to help with keeping the community a fun and safe place to hang out and build, mine, hunt, kill, loot and survive together. Especially in regards of HWS Police. You’ve begged us to take down the mighty vagrant bands of cheating space hoodlums who rulebreak with impunity

Whether you are not crazy enough to be a Mod, or you’re too crazy and we won’t let you, we introduce to you a pilot program called the HWS Watcher Program. Also known as the “HWS Police Academy Program

The HWS Watcher is a new role we are test driving which is an elevated role within the community who’s purpose is to help keep order and enhance our community by helping the Mods and Admins collect proper evidence in-game and assisting players in times of need.

What do i get for helping?

While many of you have volunteered or already kind of to perform this service for the community and ask for nothin in return; we realize you are snowflakes and cant expect that as the norm. So for that, we have established this role with a bit of a stipend for being the eyes and ears of HWS. Therefore, being a Watcher provides the following perks for as long as you honorably fulfill your role and do not abuse your privileges:

  • Weekly Stipend includes:
  • RP Bonus: 30 RP - for being upstanding renowned citizens, you become well known quickly
  • Credit Bonus: 100k CR - as a “salary” to help compensate for donated fuels and materials
  • Tons of chicks/dudes :wink:
  • As a Permanent Watcher perk:
    – Use of A Custom HWS Watcher patrol CV designed to let you catch those moments on video in indestructible style while never having to stop to fuel while chasing the bad guys.
    – Access to a special Watcher Discord and Forum channel to discuss and share evidence and issues with Mods and Admins
    – The warm feeling in your heart for doing good!
    – Possibility to be lifted and success the Academy Program to a HWS Police Officer!

What am I expected to Do as a Watcher?

Being a Watcher is expected to be a part time dedication of your time. Lets be honest – Being full time support for the server is a tough job and we want this to be a fun way to get involved that doesnt FEEL like a second job, more like a Community Watch program. Here’s what we need from you on a weekly basis and can be left at any time (we may remove some reward if we feel necessary based on circumstance):

  • Approximately 6 hours per week that can be dedicated to Watcher activities
  • A willingness to stop what you are doing while acting as a Watcher to engage in Watcher activities
  • An ability and skill to take screenshots and in-game video to properly gather evidence and document player reported issues (Rule breaking, griefing, exploits, etc) (Video is a requirement for this role)
  • Good communication skills to be able to effectively collect reports from players, gather evidence, and write it up for Mod / Admin action via an official post in the Watcher Forum board.

We aim to establish a Watcher community within the entire HWS system supporting all playzones, and timezones and are looking for upstanding, helpful community members from ALL Origins who wish to be a part of this pilot program. While this is a perfect Guardian position, diversity within the operative group is a good thing.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you want to be a part of it - or you just want to tell us what you think - please use the poll below and we will reach out to candidates that fit the bill.

  • I am Supportive of the program AND WANT TO BE A WATCHER!
  • I am supportive of the program (Yes, do this!)
  • I am not supportive of this program (NO, Dont do this!)

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* note: We cannot accept all applicants and appreciate your interest. if the pilot is successful, we may expand the program and accept additional Watchers

Thank you!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Contact @MontyPython, @Apona or @RexXxuS for participation

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Useless commands will be deleted



I believe that’s Rexxxus saying (through a post edit, since Dark’s original post was… silly…) that useless comments on the thread will be deleted.

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rewards not high enough

I just hope the Watchers are somewhat neutral.
I know there is going to be some sort of bias towards being a watcher.


agreed, this totally feels like one of those things, where it will be like “comply, or i will ban you” like omfg, who needs more of that? oh well might be interesting however, lets see what happens!
hopefully they dont have any special powers, like a mod would. im strongly against that.

We have lots of information about what you will get if you signup, we have 0 information, about what powers/abilitiy/mod-like abilities they will have, and what they are not allowed to do. Big problem.

I’m sure they have the all mighty record button :stuck_out_tongue:

Assumptions are created if you don’t read.

That is all regarding “special” powers.

We wouldn’t offer this if we wouldn’t know that this can be abused. The whole HWS policy is founded to fair play.

So yeah, if one Watcher would abuse his indestructible Watch CV to ammo drain or distract in any way we will find out and it’s over for this guy.

Also it is a job we can grant and revoke. Only if the Watcher is doing his job he would get the reward or the ship.
It is a scale process anyways. The better the Watcher, the better options he get. It’s part of role playing.


Watchers won’t be popular and need some age limit too.

You can’t take just anyone. You will get hoodlums apply. There must be a competency (player age, actual reputation/fame, number of hours on server)

Also they will soon be known as Rex’s Bully Squad and players will mess them around as much as possible.

They could serve a useful role identifying illegal bases, etc, etc.

As I roleplay as a smuggler, I look forward to these puny police trying to catch me doing anything illegal ))

I wouldn’t qualify if I wanted it.

Ok let me show my point a little more qualified (hope censorship wont strike again) :

From my experience these “watcher”, “police”, “auxiliary admin”… or whatever name you give to the position will be taken by little kids with a god complex.

“Ohh in school the big boys always hit me… the girls laugh at me… but in HWS i am finally someone !”

I dont talk about great guys like Apona (he is doing a fantastic job), i talk about the guys choosen to help the real admins.

In my opinion you just open the gate to guys exploiting their powers and pissing off the HWS players.

From my side a clear NO

You want to identify illegal bases ? Just check the waterworld wrecks, middle part and front are no longer reachable as some guys placed bases at sea ground level (they shoot through the water service but cant be touched in return… HWS EU)

Did i qualify as watcher now ? Please stop that trash program, listen more to the community and hire more Aponas


Ive voted yes, but I have to say that to in order to work properly, this programme would require more full admins, and a clear understanding that action will be taken when evidence is presented.

At present, the simple fact appears that Rexxx is too busy to deal with all the allegations of cheating, exploits etc. This programme would just generate more allegations… without more ADMINS to actually act on them it might be pointless…?



These police with their godmode meatwagons are starting out as toothless in-game snoopers, with no power to warn, arrest, ban or delete structures. They can only record video and spout the rules at people (not something I would want to do anyway).

This will create an ever-growing pile of unclosed cases, with piles of accusations (and “evidence”) which Monty will have to find time to go through and make final decisions. This already sounds like too big a job for one busy Chief.

To give Monty his life back, the best lil piggies will be given their own powers. These new Mini Mods will make many mistakes, some serious, causing animosity, some will even be corrupt police, roleplaying as Bad Cops. It’s inevitable. Then the REAL trouble will begin. You will see ragequits, from both punished players and abused Pig-lice, sorry, Po-lice.

Do I sound biased against these new “Guardians” ? You betcha !! Can’t wait to see em bumbling. It’s going to be a true farce and good roleplay )) I vote YES !!

Hmm just like anything in this game it has to have a start before it can be balanced I’m happy to see it start with as many people that want to be police as possible, only then can the best of them be chosen and narrowed down to a manageable position, if only 4 people in the end are police but so good at it that they compile all their videos and proof into manageable edited to the point clips then it should be plenty tbh, so lets sit back and let it roll and see what happens i’m excited to see who the abusers are and who really cares.

This time i’ll avoid spam. Bloody hell. While i understand the point behind this I still voted NO. I have very different opinion on whats truly needed. As usuall, picture worthy thousand words.


As always 4 PKA\TCH for 3 SWP :joy:


About polise: IDK but it must be not regular players. I like Rex rule - adminstation do not playing on the server.

If you see illegal base - just smash it. If you illegal SV - smash it do you see exploited CV - destroy it. Do you see exploites - kill they - all simple. :grinning:

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Hmm ok let’s see possible exploits:

  1. Ammo Drain, distraction of turrets. (Easy to spot and report the watcher so not really a problem)
  2. Spy, being able to go close to people’s bases you don’t like and take screenshots of their defense so you can plan an attack against them. (Doable with a Sv and sniper rifle anyways, so not a problem)
  3. Trolling, taking pictures of peoples bases on pvp that you don’t like and posting it on forums for everyone to see and go attack them.

As long as watcher video’s and proof only go to the discord then I don’t see a problem if it goes to forum for everyone to see then yes it can be a problem, but by the discord already being discussed this has obviously already been taken into account.

  1. People living out of their indestructible CV to go gold mining and resource gathering for added safety.
    (I’m sure if they are caught doing this they will loose their watcher status so not really a problem)

  2. People adding weapons onto their indestructible CV so they can pvp (same as previous)

I don’t see anyway for an exploit that is hard to detect, if anyone can think of something post it so it can be countered before it goes live. Also remember that watchers have -1 CV cap since they will have to keep this thing somewhere so it has its disadvantages.

I know it’s custom to not post exploits on forums but It’s better if everyone knows what to look for when watching the watchers, ironic thou they watching everyone but they themselves become the most watched.