Intruder log seeing myself as intruder?

It seems that when I fly close to an alien base (probably one I cored myself), the intruder log says that I’m the intruder to the alien base. Also it counts myself as an intruder when I get close to my own base? Is this because my own ship is set to private instead of faction and vice versa?

“Enemy Faction”: PKA… I’m PKA… Actually 99% of my intruder log is myself.

Note that Grosses Raumschiff is not mine. So it should not even turn up in the log right? The log seems to report me attacking/visiting enemies as an intrusion to me?

Also I’m 100% sure that the “Enemy Deaths on attack” is bugged. I didn’t die 19x times visiting a Grosses Raumschiff on PVE when flying nearby it… I also did not die 18x entering my own base lol

Thanks, will look into it.
The Death is the current death count. It does not mean that you died 19 times on that occasion, but that you died 19 times since you played after the full wipe.

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