Inventory and dockeds lost during CSW

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

We jumped yesterday (29/10/17) from NA to SAN, the server didn’t kick us as usual to be able to connect in the other server,then we disconnected e relogged in the destination server. When relogged, no inventory and no docked ships. The jump was aroun 6:38pm.:
Rheynardt & DoNkIr0:
Na --> San:
6.40pm / 7:00 pm (cb:time):
Caccino (SV) - Thanatos (HV):
56852 - missing ID:

Hello Rhey,

I was finally able to restore your erestrium ingots in your inventory.

The ship ID however you provided does not exist on NA. I will restore it, as soon as I found it

Ok I restored these two ships in NA.

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