Inventory on stealth ships

Are the ships supposed to keep the inventory after we stealth and unstealth them?
I mined in gg a few days ago with an sv, I stealth-ed my ship then I died and respawned in ECC.
Yesterday I went to gg space, I unstealthed the sv and the inventory was empty.
Is this a bug, or is this something specific to gg, or it happens in all playfields?

Thank you!!


they should keep the inventory, yes.
Did you put the stuff in right before you stealthed it?
I can only imagine that a playfield connection lost could have caused it.

I kept the ore in the ore controller, because I had no CV to leave the system and I suicided.
Shall I create a ticket perhaps?
This is about a week ago, so it may be too old to verify the logs

yeah sorry :frowning: . If its that long ago we can’t do anything anymore.

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