Invincible POI alien drone base

Found and invicible alien drone base today with no player fac or anything associated with it and its completely invincible explosives dont work neither do guns or ships if and admin comes on and sees me put a msg in chat and ill respond and show you the structure

90% of the POIs you will find have an admin core built in. They are with intention invincible - at least the part which should be that.

Everything like turrrets, doors or spawners can be destroyed.

If you hold a multitool you will see there is a tiny bit of health missing from doors and most spawners. Also turrets. This means you can destroy it. The idea was to create more challenging POI’s than were in the base game.

Problem is that drone bases are a pain. Because while you go inside, the drones respawn and kill your ship :stuck_out_tongue: Need at least 2 players to clear one.
Try having that watch your back


Alright thanks guys I had no clue you had the server setup this way also 10/10 turret buddy btw

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Also I found a way worse poi yesterday on waterworld it’s like a battleship with 20 turrets on it