Invisable docked SV

My SV, C4 is listed as docked on my CV. It isn’t there. It is on my map in any of the systems that I travel to. When I try to head towards that ship it turns with me making it impossible to reach. I’ve try re logging and even waited for the re-start before posting this. The stats on C4: ID:697190, currently in peacekeeper west, e/w 9801, n/s -4693, H-3206. If you can do something great. If not, please delete it to get it off my maps. Thank you for all that you do. This server still rocks!

update…I change my SV to private and my CV stayed faction. In control panel the ship was now undocked. I was then able to turn towards the SV and retrieve it. All is good. Share if you think this will help others in this situation

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This is an old bug, and you stumbled on the usual way to resolve it, kudos. Faction swapping will undock vessels, even if you cant manipulate them otherwise. I generally have noticed that this bug occurs on a playfield transition, but it is very hard to replicate reliably.

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