Is Ammo Draining Still A Thing?

From 158 - 190 deaths. Seems like ammo draining… not sure.

just upload a jpg
requesting permision is kinda meh.

That is over 14 hours though…

Ammo draining is dying 5+ times and respawning on the same spot none done this from what I seen in the logs bud Doppler does come close but was 4 in a close time span which could suggest he was legit trying to get his BP but gave up on the fourth death, may also suggest they were mindful not to drain ur ammo :wink:

From 14:51 he was at 160 something deaths, around 15:00 he was at 190 deaths lol.

9 deaths in 4 minutes O_o? 20 something seconds between deaths?? you cant get those times without spawning nearby and running again.

14:58 - 15:02 177-186

Yeah true I’m using my phone and was looking at the wrong column lol

He has this evening for clarification before he chills in prison

Its just wierd to me that he didnt have intermediate lines there… I would expect to see intruder log have lines with incrementing death counts. Not a mystery period then 30 more. Is it possible those thirty were from something else nearby?

So he left, died 30 times and came back and died again? I’m fairly certain it doesn’t count every single death but instead operates on a ‘tick’ basis, reporting information the players status at certain intervals.

Those intervals follow no pattern thou.

Take a look at all the ones raven reported previously. Every time someone respawns nearby and/or get close enough to get shot, it creates another log. Although there WAS an update to the intruder log, so I do not know if he now filters out these consecutive ones for some reason.

No clarification, no mercy.
He chills in prison for awhile.