Is RMT allowed?

Is RMT allowed on the server between players?

Oooh this is a good question as people have offered us $$$ for our ship designs - we laughed at them but then again we got mortgages…

Well for selling spots on donator planet, for ship designs, for resources, for SWP to let you farm gold, to whatever you want.

In short - I really hope not for all of the above.

I don’t want to turn Gold Planet into Gold Farming Planet.

already is SWP taken it over

They did it to get pvp fights. Not to sell gold for $.

You don’t seem to understand that most of the factions who control Gold don’t actually mine the gold. They don’t care about the gold. They just care about killing you when you try to get it.

The lure of Gold planet isn’t the Gold. It’s that it’s the only place in the game where fights come to you rather than having to look for fights.

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that’s pointless as most people who go to gold are looking for gold. They are not up for a fight.

RMT = Real money transfer?

For now it is forbidden… there were one guy in the past who did it and gave us the money afterwards.
Tricky topic… hmm…

We definitely never ever sell you coins / credits / gold in form of packages aka “5 euro = 5 million credits” or so.

So… didn’t think about that in detail yet. On the one hand it is up to you what you are doing. Legally we are not involved in that. But of course drama can happen / betrayal and then the shit is cooking.
For now no till I / community has a good idea about that.

I doubt this is true but even if it were why would it matter? It’s a pvp hot spot, there’s always going to be pvp there.

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RMT = Real money transfer?

Okay thanks for the clear answer.