Is T.E.A.Ms worth it this season 14?

Im seeing the word inflation a lot. Has the Covid19 come to HWS?

Turn-ins are high and VIP sales are low?



Seems like this lovely gem that was designed to help the PVE player has been turned into a nightmare.

TEAMS appeared as an OCD drainer at first. this season more so. i feel the bar for TEAMS has been set too high and doesn’t really seem worth the effort anymore. perhaps if the costs and rewards were lowered, as well as the time limits, it could be a bit more enjoyable. agriculture will be cancer unfortunately until farming is restored to its former glory though…

I think the reality is that Teams was always designed to take resources out of the game, due to existing high inflation and overstacked OCDs.

It wasn’t designed for you to turn a profit in it, it was designed to be a cost, that gave you access to a very valuable resource (Shards). Given that you can access shards without doing Teams this season (I’m assuming 7th shard will require the Clone point from Teams) I’m not sure it will be economically viable for a lot of people.

lots of work with low reward doesn’t leave much incentive to want to do things sadly.

I think the issue is - how do you provide incentive, whilst also making it take resources out of the game. RP is a good answer, as it is something that is taken out of the game naturally fairly quickly.

Another thing to consider would be having more NO OCD items as rewards - Improved Epic Hand held weapons, Improved Armors, maybe even SV / CV weapons that can’t be crafted or gained anywhere else. But they would all need to be flagged NO OCD to avoid the issue of further inflation.


English lad has some solid ideas there. There are also lots of existing tech that could be taken from reforged.Eden to do this with (HV large thrusters, special weapons, turrets and armores etc.)

Also having it structured differently so that VIP is not the only thing to aim for/that it is tiered. Level 1 has this (you can get your epic weapon or AM cores). It could also offer UP rewards that would be helpful for new players.
Level 2 does not do this. Until recently it was the most profitable level, now it is a draining step to the more draining T3. From the other conversation about inflation, T2 would be a
Level 3 is a massive resource drain. It being linked to RP gain (whether access to shards or otherwise) makes sense as it should be only for experienced players looking for high level OCD upgrades. This season not everyone can or should do level 3. Also, you can get VIP just from level 2 (just takes longer :stuck_out_tongue: )

Laserdrills are a strange thing. Requireing the laser upgrade kit could start brining back an economy based on POIs (which died a death) but they need to be added to those POIs in loot rather than/as well as in loot tables otherwise missions>>>>>POIs. The same is, to some extent, true for the agricultural goods and anything else new added. Making POIs viable again would help the economy and especially new players as that is what they are used to doing in SP/other MP servers.


Seems Rex reduced some turn in requirements. Also, small bridges and matrices are dropping at a crazy rate in epic loot containers so should make that a lot easier.