Is there a connection between NPC Cores and Repair Bays?

I have 2 bases next to each other, one is NPC cored and the other is a normal core. I’ve just now realized that all of my “repair to template” cycles on the NPC cored base have failed to finish while my normal cored base is handling the repairs as expected.

Has anyone else noticed a connection? Is there something about the repair bay that ensures it has to consume energy to finish at the end or something?

hmmm in previous season I had the Maur SV which has a repair Bay and an alien core… repairs usually went ok… so it might be something else… unless it’s base specific bug…

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Yeah I also used to not have issues but I was reading that repairs were recently changed. There is something causing some repairs to finish while others simply stop.

After another repair overnight I’m even more convinced there is some kind of difference between the two repair pads. Maybe its not the NPC core but one pad fails to complete repairs while the other finishes them no problem.

Yeah the Maur sv isnt able to repair the bp save on my cv’s. Tried on 3 different cvs that have been in battle so i think something is up. you may be on to something with the NPC core

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You got automatic repair on on the npc cored base, take it off and never put it on. It will make the repair start over and over and never get it done.

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I don’t ever use automatic mode.

Has anyone else played with this at all?

I got npc core on my base and no problems at repairing

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