Is this ship allowed?

It’s just my class 2 warp ship to service miners, goto market and other light duty stuff, not meant to combat CV’s/BA’s for more than ~2 minutes (ship not cheesy and armored enough and not maxed on turrets). It’s still a bit blocky I know but I’m worried if the design is perhaps not allowed?

It follows all rules in the guide. But… Hidden rules… Is this one allowed?

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Doesn’t break any rules that I’m aware of… :wink:

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Same… But it has floating center… I can correct that by placing a random block there or making some ugly pillars to shift the center to one of the 2 sides of the ship. But… Yeah… That would make the ship really ugly.

Yes it’s following all rules so it’s very likely allowed but better safe than sorry. I just don’t know what is allowed and what not this game so complex and not all rules are in the guide :sweat:

Yea this ship is fine, I know the centre of mass if out but a lot of what is being mentioned in the other post pretty much hits the nail…

A lot of ships have this issue but for the most part it is not intentional, Like you mentioned in another post we need a fix from the Devs, too difficult for us to enforce any kind of rule here on HWS as it is not managable


Thank you. I’m glad to get an official response on this.

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Yeah an official response on this really nice. I indeed coincidentally mentioned it earlier in that Police Topic but I was not 100% sure but seems I was right plus I can spawn it now :slight_smile: .

5.0 we need you!

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