ITs time for SWP to move out from Gold planet..... Lets do this

So from Friday to Sunday we are trying to bring as many factions together to blow a hole in SWP´s defenses.

The thing with SWP is that we cant just kill them once and be over it.
We need to put pressure over some hours for this to work.

PKA and its generals have already a plan in motion and we have started our factorys on massive builds for this.

Faction leaders please contact me on Discord or here so that we all can try and clean up this area from the pirate scum that lives there.

I will not be sending out times here or when this will go down due to the fact that SWP reads this :slight_smile:

SO join the fun and lets give them hell.


I support this message

iMP (formally RAT) will be there , SWP knows and fears us, again we will clean them off Gold at all costs !!!

uuuuhh but then again we will clean any and everybody off gold soooo watch out

There are no words.

You like this :slight_smile:


(Funny man)

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BOT will be happy to contribute some resources/ships/ammunitions, I’ll ping you in game tonight.

Although i think you will need to handle the SWP zerglings by matching their numbers as ONE faction and over a longer time than a weekend, I applaud the initiative and absolutely love the fact that you are doing it !!

We try ti fight them whenevery we have people online or are boored.

I am sorry we didnt confirm this and went thrue but i had to get to the hospital on Saturday and i didnt get back until yesterday.



Zap, i hope nothing serious?

Im ok but had to w8 for 12 hours in the hospital… Grr… My Gaming weekend got destroyed :frowning:

Gold is fixed for the most part. 3 cap ships down all guns gone and lots of salty tears.

hm… And where u all, when we online?.. Love dat zerg attacks on empty base… (

Im sad…

Whats wrong Alex don’t like the taste of your own medicine ? Remmak and some other dude was online we are only 2 geez.

As i know: First time there was NO ONE. After some time, come one, and he go in battle when ALL bases lost their turrets. n1 fight vs bagged turrets which didnt shoot u? I hope u enjoy. And only after some time, there come Rem. And u go away.

I watch this tactic ALL 4.0 . Tons of rats which fights only vs empty bases or zerg vs 1-2… And run when situation become equal. 2 vs 2 - Why u didnt win? I could answer - all u come for easy win. But fight in equal numbers - so hard…

Yesterday I meet CV + 6 SV. And all of them try to run away… CV warped and 5 SV was shot down by me and Rem. Only LLH try to fight to the end, but after they lost one SV - another one run away… gg?

Run ? do you mean run back to your base and take all your things ? you guys showed up then ran away when we engaged you.

There is only 2 bases we attacked since 4.0 5AP and SWP this is the first time we go to EU and attack you or anyone.

So please stop spreading lies.


What are you talking about dude we never have ran from a fight with the exception of LBP which outnumbered us 4 to 1 CV vs CV.

But when it comes to you guys we have never and I mean never ran from a fight. Ask Raiden how we chased you guys off NA.

And yeah we will hit your base no matter if you are there or not . Its PVP EXPECT IT. I was soo freakin happy when you guys showed up, it was a fun fight until you guys glitched out, yeah that sucks but it has happened to us sooo many times I can’t count. It is unfortunately part of the game.

And we didn’t even core ur ships or ur bases while we there but rather just robbed ya of resources, you guys will rebuild and it wont be a problem.

Lets keep it fun, OK we just love teasing you guys thats all, no harm and no ill intent

All that, I know from Discord. little bit later, Im gonna be online, and watch all video about it. So dont take it so close to your heart.

Thx. But as for me - I wouldnt rebuild that. As I see, no one cares about turret bags on Gold…

np. I hope I find u during my online. Bc last 2 weeks, I found only runners, and Im very sad. Ihope u bring us some fun.

Well, i answer that we are coming in one CV, kill outnumbered ships there, all i member that you find one of us base in space. Its epic win? Hmm, looks like i’m have old-fashioned mind.