JOIN O+S - Obsidian Syndicate!

Mission Statement -
In Syndicate, we are a militant collection of PvP’ers looking to have organized fun. We find pleasure in designing, testing, and training on PvP designs and combat tactic’s. To O+S, the fun is in increasing our knowledge of PvP Designs and the ability to apply it on the battlefield.
Our goal is to control and maintain a large majority or resources in the galaxy both common and rare and control a area of space to call our home. We will trade, form alliances, or fight for what we need or want.

Brief History -
We are mostly the members that survived the breakup of Alpha Group (A-G) faction in May 2018 on the server. Lead by Cobra Commander and Chief_Rockie , the constant battles with The Expanse(XPA) Faction and the way to handle our relations with them, created a rift in the faction leadership. This resulted in the splitting in two factions, Cobra Commander and SuperKilln leaving and forming Ministry of Assassins(MOA) Faction, and Chief_Rockie , Reuben77 , and Akroma Omega creating Obsidian Syndicate(O+S) Faction. O+S is a sister faction to the Syndicate (SYN) Faction that Youtuber Spanj , Lusiphur , DaChizzels and Chief_Rockie created on “The Wolves Server” in early summer 2017. Our goal is the same now as it was back on “The Wolves Server”, Pirate the Spaceways and take all the loot!!!

Faction Leadership -

  1. Master General - Chief_Rockie (Discord @Chief_Rockie#4927)
  2. Grand Overseer - Braindr0p
  3. Fleet Captain - VACANT

Current Servers -

HWS NA Server

Core Values -

  1. Trust - Everything we do is about trusting the man or women next to you! Trusting every member in keeping sensitive and critical secrets that could jeopardize missions and equipment effectiveness.

  2. Loyalty- In O+S, loyalty to the faction and the way be do business is paramount. Our goal is to be a formidable power on any server we reside on. This is done by impeccable communication, group uniformity, and precision tactics and strategies.

  3. Integrity - This is a what defines a individual. With integrity in O+S, is defined as does the member do the right thing for the faction when no one is around?

Goals -

  1. Control resources both abundant and rare.

  2. Control a area of the galaxy and call it home.

  3. Pirate the Spaceways and take all the loot!!!

Type of players we are looking for -
We are not taking everyone. O+S is looking for the MOST qualified players that not only understand the game but fit our group mentality. Every application is heavily scrutinized to ensure no spies or members will fit the atmosphere of the faction.

  1. MUST willing to follow orders and work as a team. Respect is paramount.

  2. MUST be 16 or over.

  3. MUST have a Discord and working microphone and be willing to use both.

  4. MUST have a set up steam profile and friended by both the Master General & Grand Overseer.

All Applications need to be sent to both the Master General & Grand Overseer via Discord with the Following Information.

1. In-game name:

  1. Discord username:

  2. Link to your steam profile:

  3. Which, if any, gaming communities are you with, or have been with, in and out of Empyrion?

  4. How much PvP have you done?

  5. What time zone are you in and what times to you usually play?

  6. What do you feel is the best quality that will contribute to Obsidian Syndicates success?

Once the application has been received, you should get a response in about 1 week. The last part is a interview with either the Master General or Grand Overseer which you will read over the Faction Information, Rules, and Policies and verbally agree or disagree to the terms before your official enlistment into O+S. Good luck to all the choose to join this faction.

Standard Equipment of O+S -
The following link is a Google Document that has the “Current Tested and Proven” War machines used by O+S! (THIS IS STILL UNDER REVISION!)


Thank you to everyone that has viewed this post and considered in joining Obsidian Syndicate. However, do to personal work scheduling and family commitments as well as a large majority of the leadership dealing with the same, we are pulling out of Multiplayer Emyprion as a group for now. This is hard for me, since 2016, I have only wanted to promote the Multiplayer, PvP aspect of this game. Please, do not submit applications. O+S will be back again, just not at the currently active.

As well, Obsidian Syndicate will not be open to everyone. I’m still keeping the VERY MILITARY STRICT doctrine and recruitment for the PvP faction, however, the Discord Community in a whole is open for others to discuss Emyprion and other games as well as promote your Youtube and Stream content.