Jump Drive Problem

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What happened:
=> Ive built my first CV and im in orbit above freelancer Survival, I want to jump to Freelancer Origin or anything in the system but it wont let me lock anything in the map, it shows Frey as locked on my screen but when i get up to speed and hit K to jump it just says no jump target locked.

Player(s) with issue:
=> ChuckNasty

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 7:50

=> Freelancer survival sector

Structure Name(s):
=> BOS Intrepid

Structure ID(s):
=> 4604407

How can we help you now:
=> i need my warp drive fixed or what to do


Try manually clicking the correct location instead of searching for it (if you did that), searching can be bugged.

searching for it doesnt yield any results, i manually clicked it and it wont let me lock onto it. Im trying to jump from Freelancer survival orbit to Frelancer Origin because of the questline

you have to point your ships crosshair at the orange marker when you hit k

yeah i did but when i hit k it says the target is not locked lol thats what i dont get

i say to hell with the mission ill just yeet off to a different galaxy i guess. i think its bugged because the quest doesnt know you cant warp to a starter system even though its not a starter system (i think)

You can only jump to anoter galaxy from starters. Your freelancer HQ is in another galaxy.

also u have to lock on to the star itself in the galaxy map.

yeah the boys in chat got me sorted it wouldnt let me delete the thread. Thanks bob!

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