Jupiter Refuge Base, Monday, Combat Report 1

Today, a monster descended from the heavens hanging in the sky like a large black menacing chariot of death. This capital ship is armed to the teeth with a massive amount of firepower. You wouldn’t want to come face to face with it in space no doubt. I sit my small fighter glaring at it as it casts a shadow across my base. They haven’t noticed me, or ignoring me. What shall I do?

 I must make a preemptive strike! However, I would normally attack anyways. I load up my fighter with ammo, and prime the plasma cannons as i fly low towards this beast. Hoping not to get spotted, It appears on my radar, as I do for them I am sure.  Feeling uneasy, I back off a bit off radar pausing for a second. Ok, I need to do this, this will only bring destruction and death to my home if I don't.  Ok, most destruction I can cause...and then I noticed its position.  The ship has it's back to me, I can blast through the rear thrusters and fire down the belly of the beast!  So be it.  Full throttle I charge forward towards the ship, as I approach half way there. I see another small vessel flying around it, what are they doing? No, must stay on target and focus.  They still haven't noticed me and I enter weapons range and open fire. One volley, two volleys fly across the sky from my six plasma cannons and strike the ship across the port side. I can see explosions and hear secondary explosions, a turret or two on the side is destroyed.  The other small vessel armed with rail-guns is firing on me from behind...I think...it's happening all so fast. I must get back on target the rear thrusters and blast through.
 Rear thrusters targeted! FIRE! One, two, three volley strike the rear of the ship several of the thrusters explode, the hull is breached! I charge inside the ship and target the small vessel inside.  I crash against pieces of wrecked ship, I can not move i can still target however.  One, two, and three more volleys are launched and hits the sv and the explosion rattles the hanger deck.  The shock wave hits my ship! My vision is impaired slightly, I can hear small arms fire hitting my cockpit and nearby explosions behind me continue to shake the cockpit...I don't have much time! This little SV is heavily armored, back to the main target. aiming at nothing except down the middle of the ship I open fire.  Sounded like the ocean with roaring waves crashing upon the shore, but these were the sounds of war.  Volley after volley destroying walls, secondary explosions can be heard, I hit a fuel tank somewhere...a series of explosions can be heard deep inside the ship.  As I continue to launch volley after volley tearing the ship apart from the inside out, the capital vessel starts to fall towards the planet, it is going down!  And my own ship is nearly gone, no rcs, no fuel tank...It is a good day to die!  The cockpit shakes from the stress of the battle and explodes and everything turns black.