Jupiter Refuge Base, Monday, Combat Report 2

I awake from my slumber back home, the intense experience I can feel adrenaline pumping through my veins. I hit them with a heavy and devastating blow, but it is not over. I have no ships left, except the transport ship I left the cursed lands of Neptune with. I long for the days to return home, but this is my home now. The war continues, their capital ship maybe down, but they still are dangerous. They have at least one working small vessel and will eventually come for me here. I must try though to eliminate that flyer! I decide to use the transport vessel, it has a dozen armed cannons able to shoot a small vessel with rail-guns out of a sky for sure.

 I jump into cockpit of the transport and fly north towards the massive wreckage of the capital vessel.  They have to see me coming this time, I'm not exactly small.  They show up on radar, 500 meters.  A small vessel is flying around the capital vessel, I continue and it sees me.  It opens fire and I stop the transport hovering near the capital vessel, down below I see they're underway making repairs, they're trying to get it flying again!.  My cannons...I am having a weapons malfunction, they're not firing, not moving. I have to retreat!  I turn around and fly off at full speed back to the base, the SV is in pursuit I hear the hull is taking damage and an explosion, I lost a turret but make it back within the bases protective area of fire from the turrets.  The sky is lit up as flak from all around fly pass me, I am struck a couple times by my own flak!  Damage is minimal, no breaches yet...They stop firing, he must of backed off and i land the ship safely on the pad.  I don't understand, I checked everything, everything is in order the weapons should have fired....Ok, time for a new plan.

 I check the ammo supply, it should still be full...ARG! NO! The ammo crates are all empty, how?  The flak are used everything after just a few shots, 15 turrets and 4 boxes of ammo gone in a few seconds?  The base is defenseless, if they know they can freely come here and attack...OK, checked my factory can't make another mini fighter, I lack supplies, its close to finishing but...no. so I then took all the backup ammo supplies and reloaded the boxes...Set up constructors with orders to build more ammo, this is going to take awhile, more time i wanna give them to recover.  Something is wrong with the ammo and the turrets...
 I arm myself with a mini-gun, 2000 rounds, 9 large med-kits, 7 small med-kits, salvage tool, and head out to the north towards their capital ship.  What's this? I see crashed small vessel.  He was shot down trying to follow me! Excellent, I salvaged enough the parts to finish the blueprint for a new fighter!  So, my journey north begins, on foot...

Both good reads, nice work!

The struggle is real xD

I think the morning patch fixed it, but not sure. all i know is they fired and poof all ammo gone, twice