Jupiter Refuge Base, Monday, Combat Report 3

So, after hoping and skipping across the beautiful countryside, which the low gravity really make it feel like your flying…So now, I will engage them on foot. They got another small vessel out and patrolling the area, I charge and fly at it as fast as possible with guns blazing. We exchange fire, and he is getting the best of me, I am forced to use my large med kit time and time again. I have to do something else, I am going to lose this battle. I am trying my best to shoot the small vessel out of the sky, but its futile, after a couple clips and no apparent damage is dealt, time to change tactics. I shall concentrate on the capital vessel, find the core destroy everything that will explode. So make my way, must look like a chicken with his head cut off from his perspective, jumping all around trying to avoid his weapon fire, and keeping the med kits active healing me the whole time.

 Fortunately, i was able to use a hill to fly into the damage section my fighter entered and i'm inside.  I first targeted some RCS modules, but so many of them, found some fuel tanks, destroyed them.  I started receiving enemy fire again, his partner found me in the ship and stopped his repairs. I see his muzzle flashes, I'm almost dead. I jump behind a crate and apply a kit. Reload, come out in a blaze of glory!  My hands are shaking, it's intense he jumps out of the ship.  I am guessing he doesn't have the luxury of med kits. I jump out after him I see him running across the snow, still taking damage, i have to use another kit.  I'll need some bed rest after this...The small vessel patrolling seemed to have stopped firing, he's out of ammo, again my lucky day. I see the soldier on foot, open fire my bullets seem to hit everywhere around him but him, but finally get goes down.  I recover his backpack and return to the capital vessel.  Now, I seem to be unopposed to freely loot the ship.  I found the core then proceeded to salvage everything, ton of turrets, CV thrusters, I got enough supplies to make three more small fighters and a tank.  This battle is over, but the war continues.  They have received a devastating and costly blow, they may be down but not out.  I expect their return, and hope they don't realize the base is defenseless with the ammo malfunctions.  I returned to the base and my fighter finished, rearmed and ready to fly again. I'm back to where I was before, minus a few thousand missing flak round into a magical void.