Jupiter Refuge Base, Tuesday Status Report

The base has been destroyed
After awaken from my slumber today, I awoke, all the turrets are gone, landing pad full of holes, small vessels nothing but burning heaps of iron. And the valiant tank destroyed. To my surprised they didn’t find the hidden base, they left me with everything intact. They must have discovered the malfunctioning turrets, and seen the base was defenseless. Got reinforcements today and repair crews believed to have repaired the malfunction, turrets should now be operating as normal. Since they left my base untouched, i was able to quickly put up a new defense line of plasma turrets this time. They seem to have been working, the new combination replaces the old cannon turrets with plasma now. Still have some flak, replaced 66% of them, or 10 flak, added 20 plasma turrets that for now replaces the 15 cannon turrets till more resources are acquired.

 Future plans are to establish a military line along the borders,  The line will consist of armored bunkers with plasma cannons to target any ground forces on approach, they will need to take these out before approaching the base.  The bunkers will conceal the actual location of the turrets inside from the air, if they wish to do so they could bombard the whole line.  The bunkers will be made with hardened steel at least 2 layers thick, more layers added as time goes on.  Inside the perimeters will continue to develop a spider like web of turrets to cover a large area.  Estimation of completion is 4 days, area covered is roughly 40-50%.  In addition, a couple key locations has been captured, plans to rearm these outpost are underway.

I am concerned with the growing number of enemies on the planet, I have been patrolling, and was involved in a minor dogfight, leading to my retreat after running out of ammo.  I also haven't heard from any of my brothers from Neptune, which is also disturbing.  It's not like we get along anyways, with enough whiskey or a good joke we would try to kill each other anyways, but still nice to know they are still out there.  Securing this planet isn't going to be easy.  I fear the worst may come, of making peace with one the local factions in a temporary but unstable arrangement.  Ha ha ha, sorry was the whiskey talking, I rather get blasted back into the stone age first.

I like this story :slight_smile: keep going!

I don’t mention the factions cause it could have been anyone, not really targeting one specific faction. Just being lawless, and will return to Neptune once its safe. I was getting playfield errors about 3 per hour there or maybe join a warring faction later, if anyone can take on the pirates. Until then…have to find something to do right?

OH, and I get bored and saw a mostly empty forum. hehe