Just a quick thank you to Gareth_8000

Seriously what a great guy, he spent nearly an hour helping me out the other night and even went above and beyond anything a person in his role would be required to.
So, thank you Gareth :smiley:


I’ve never seen an admin like him in any game. It is truly dedicated and helps everyone. thanks Gareth


Its not just his role - its in his nature. He was like that before becoming police. Always helping new starters join PKA/GMC showing them the ropes etc etc. Huge amounts of patience.

In fact - 3000 game-hrs ago it was he who donated 50k creds to me and gave me a crateful of Sathium for my first CV. Many others likely have similar memories. A very well respected member of the HWS community.


I’m considered disagreeable on most things, but on this I whole-heartedly agree - top guy!


I also want say thank to Gareth for his police humor, understanding and patience.
Always happy to hear him in our chat… :vulcan_salute::wink:


hey, thanks for the this post… but

This should go for the HWP faction, HWP as most ppl know work for the server owner focusing on helping the community with their problems.

We are here to help / advise e on peoples problems ingame do the best of our ability,

There are 4 members on EU HWP faction and 1 on NA with admin support who are ready to support players ingame, please any issues with HWP pm me in discord.

We try and take the burden off admin’s so that they can improve on our gameplay, its my focus on making sure the community behaves within the guidelines which are outlayed on the HWS site and follow our rules.

Thanks guys, means alot of all of us

HWP - Gareth_8000


See that, he passed the award to the team.

Makes me proud to be Welsh :sheep:


I want our head!!! :smile:

But yeah he helps often. Hmmm this could be a good trap :joy:

you know i want your head on a pogostick stunner :wink:

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