Just bought 2 AM cores but didn't receive them

Hi there, I just bought 2 AM cores at the elemental market for 16k each but I never got them. And I cannot claim them in the ‘pending’ screen. The money is gone and the order is registered when I go to the ‘recent’ tab.

But yh is there any way how I can still get the 2 auto miner cores or at least get my credits back? thanks in advance.

What Trader Station was it posted at? You have to pick it up a the station it was posted at… If its still in pending, can you see where its at?

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I know. I bought it at the elemental market and at that moment I was over there… it should apear in my inventory. but I didn’t got anything and there was also nothing in my "pending’ screen.

Your inventory wasn’t already full by chance…

it might have been full. though I thought that it would just go to my quickbar like all items automatically do when the inventory is full. or it should go to pending but not like this that I never get it .

I agree - it’s painful to lose them entirely. I lost something over 100K credits to that not long ago. The sad thing is that I already knew about the full-inventory issue, having been bitten by it before.

yh it quite sucks, costs me 32k for thin air

You spent too much on those AM Cores. :slight_smile:

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