Just some random madness

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What happened:
=> Lots of things… starting at the beginning…

  1. On ECC I exited Hilligan’s passenger seat before it stopped.
  2. I was later at the Supergate and the warp screen appeared
  3. I was then in Binomi in what I thought was my Cave reward ship
  4. 30 seconds later my point of view shifted and I was seeing things from Hilligan’s point of view while he was mining the asteroid belt in Binami (Hilligan does have a reward ship)
  5. Logged off and back in, and I was still in Binami, but not from Hilligan’s point of view, but from my own
  6. I spawned a SV, went to get my CV and pickup my Cave Reward ship from the ECC system. When I got to my Reward Ship, it said that it was already occupied.
  7. I then gave some a ride back to Eden. I made my ship public so they could dock their ship, and when I got there my character/person/whatever was passing through the walls of my ship
  8. I then logged off and back on and I could no longer see my ship… So I logged off again and have been since.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Ajjin

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Sunday June 9, 00:04

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> Cave Reward Ship & Ajjin E-Class Miner v1.5

Structure ID(s):
=> 32315694 and then 31693630

How can we help you now:
=> Could you make my Cave Ship un-occupied, set my Miner back to private… and let me know if it is safe to log back in…


a short overview would help to understand what is the problem.
I checked both ships and they are both private to you.
About occupied: That should have been reseted latest on server restart.
So all should be finde again.

Your client logs may be of interest thought if you had such strange experiences.

In the future if you’re cockpit is occupied, you can just pick the cockpit up with a multitool and place it somewhere else. That’ll fix it.

Just open the ingame console and type “detach”.
This fixes it.

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