Keyboard Shortcut AutoIt Script

Hey folks,

I made an AutoIt (not AutoHotkey) script to help with entering a lot of the commonly used commands for HWS. It also provides a shortcut for spamming Shift+Left Click and getting in/out of your ship/turning it on/off/toggling third person (if that’s your thing). The script has installation instructions, list of keyboard shortcuts etc in comments at the top. I tried to use global variables at the top to define all things that a user might want to edit. I’ll probably add a UI for this in the future.

This requires AutoIt which can be installed from:

The script can be viewed/copied from here:

Or downloaded directly from here:

Please let me know if you have any trouble, comments or suggestions :slight_smile:


Im impressed.

Wow… this is used HWS on a next level :slight_smile:


i am curious about the choice of autolt. personal preference or does it offer more than autohotkey? thanks for posting!

I am just really familiar with AutoIt already through some work experience. I’ve been meaning to check out Autohotkey at some point but it’s hard to commit the time when I’m already familiar with something so similar :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this

Thanks I will check this out later I hate that you can only 10 x per item. All the gold I get takes ages to sort.

Yeah lmao, for a while when I was the only one in the group with something like this I was the dedicated queue/de-queue’r :stuck_out_tongue: