Kicked off planet and left to die in space

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What happened?
So I teleport to HWS planet from Alpha, looking around HW HQ, I decide to look at the residences, teleport to residence planet… and 5 seconds later I’m kicked from planet into middle of space where I die, none of the CB commands would work because my ship was not in system, said I didn’t have a home set, not valid because I didn’t warp etc etc
So the home spawn command tells me I don’t have a home set, yet when I died, it offered me to spawn at my home, once I respawned at my home, I verified home was checked on my ship.
after respawning at my home/not home, I warp to homeworld sector and surprise my backpack is no where to be found 8( I fly to residence planet and enter and get kicked hoping to retrace my steps, but no backpack anywhere.

Player(s) with issue? Globeadue 147124

Server? RE NA

When did it happen? around 7:30

On which Playfield?Homeworld sector

How can we help you now?
Restore my inventory, refund me the 280 something refined pentaxid it took to fly there and back to alpha. I’m a fresh start, I wasn’t planning to warp there hence why I teleported there, I have 24 pentaxid left atm… also since I’m stranded in HW HQ and it’s 7:50 atm, I think I’m going to get hit with taxes?

I screen shot my inventory as seen from hws connect thats a hwsarmor, my faction gun, 200 faction ammo, 218 scrap metal, ammo, seeds etc.

Welcome to HWS,

you did not teleport there, you fly there.
You did not read the warnings that got sent to you.

You got warped since you were on a restricted playfield. Please enter ‘detach’ in console to get back into your seat.This playfield belongs to faction HWS.

So you flew right back in there again…

A “please” is missing in this demand but since you are new I go with it and restored your inventory now.
Since it does not cost 280 Pentaxid to fly from Haven to ECC Sector, this was part of your exploration learning journey.
And no worry about taxes. If there are any, I’ll refund them.

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Thank you.

I have played this game solo for years, everytime I try a multiplayer server, I get dumped into space on foot and die and loose my backpack within the first few days… I thought with all the fancy chat commands, if it did happen to me here, the chat commands would come to my rescue. The fact none of commands worked in my situation, greatly irked me.
The form asked how to fix the situation - didn’t realize interating through the restitution steps should be padded with pleasantries and I provided what was asked for and no more.
I was in ill humors from the prior hours calamity and just wanted to submit the ticket and go do something else for awhile, my apologies for being direct when filling in the form.

Regarding the pentaxid:

124 to warp to star
16 to warp to ECC planet sector
124 to warp back to alpha
16 to warp back ot UHC sector that my ship was in at the start of this kerfuffle.

So round trip trying to recover my backpack 280 pentaxid. I wasn’t too far off with the 300 pentaxid statement. I found the fuel station and was able to buy enough pentaxid to get back to Alpha.

Regarding flying to the planet:

Sounds like you are looking at me retracing my steps to find my backpack, not the instance that stranded me there in the first place.

Per the stated and providing some addition info to paint the full picture:
I teleported to HW HQ, with my ship parked in Alpha UHC area.
I then teleported to residence to check the various residence layouts.
I’m immediately kicked into space on foot, my ship still in Alpha.
I try all the commands I can find to unstuck/teleport/warprescue/home I can find.
Nothing worked.
I log out as I have very little o2 and can’t make the trip across space to HW HQ planet with a jetpack.
While logged out, I search for any more commands etc and load up a solo save to blueprint a emergency recovery ship.
I log back in, again, no commands are working in my situation, sadly not enough resources in my factory to fabricate the emergency ship bp.
I die in space.
The respawn window gives me an option to respawn at home, I clearly have a home set so I don’t know why the chat command to go home said I didn’t have a home set.
Having respawned on my home ship in Alpha, I rush/warp to homeworld system and attempt to retrace my steps several times, flying into the planet, getting kicked out then trying to trace my path across space to HWHQ planet, my scanner is not finding my backpack.

I believe this is what you are commenting on, my search for my backpack, not the incident when I teleported on foot from the HQ to Residence and getting kicked to space alone with nothing but darkness.

Regarding taxes:
I logged in and got the tax message, said I was new and waived the taxes, so all good there.

Thanks for restoring my backpack. Rotting backpacks has to be my biggest non bug gripe about this game.

the cb:gohome command only works when u cb:sethome:SHIPID 1st. it is separate from the in-game home spawn marker box on control panels.

yes, this is one of the worst penalties there is in the game. be sure to ignore in-game backpack and carry a ship around with you as a backpack. adding a wireless device helps extend the coverage of f4 range.

this is where global chat kicks in. always ask for help when you’re stranded. usually you can get community assistance much faster than the ticket process.

either way, this game is full of a lot of bugs. don’t let them deter you from multiplay though, this community is super helpful as long as you ask. pleasantries are usually welcome, that’s why there’s so much emphasis put on it.

For me it is 31 LY. Strange.

All good. I can understand your frustration, since it’s also furstrating for us dealing with year-old bugs, as our 11 000+ help tickets here in this forum shows.

As Bob said, we all help as good as we can.
If you need more help, let us know.

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x4 pentax per LY with the basic warp drive at 30LY distance, we need at least 130 for a 1 way trip to ECC :frowning:

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I actually didn’t know this either. Thought it was the same as the Control Panel Home selection. Something new & awesome to learn about the HWS. Thanks Bob :slight_smile: :+1:

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yes, technically you can have two home spawns. one in game, and one tied in with hws connect. it’s very helpful to cb:sethome to a main base and then use the in-game option for your exploration ship. so basically you have a better starting point when all else fails instead of going back to square one.

with cb:sethome u have up to 2 minutes after death to grab backpacks and type cb:gohome to instantly teleport back from anywhere in the universe. very helpful in many situations.


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