Killboard not registering kills

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What happened: Kills not registering on killboard for me the last few days. 2 separate unique kills, Stealthcan happened while I was without any allies around and I still received the Lawless RP Bonus for a kill while holding my Epic Minigun for both kills
22 18:04 Kill Got 5 extra RP for killing Chronos
20 05:11 Kill Got 5 extra RP for killing Stealthcan
Received no credit so far on killboard for these, It is possible there is more, just the ones I noticed.
Player(s) with issue: Cardboard Jack
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 22nd 18:04 and 20th 05:11
Playfield: Homeworld Space for Stealthcan and Jupidor Space (I think) for Chronos
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Just letting you know something is wrong, minor issue.

Hello @Remove

we changed the kill count process a bit to prevent massacre kills.
But @Jascha has to answer the details I think.

Its limited to every 5 minutes I think to prevent exploits

What about killing several people within the 5 min? I have lost 3 or 4 kill counts due to this myself.

Its counted on the victim.
So if you kill a, b and c in 1 minute… all count. But it does not count them for the next 5 minutes (no matter who kills them).

I’ll add some logs to this function and update the tool later.
Just in case something is really wrong here.

One of those kills came out of a 1v3, I was the 1. So unless they had died from exposure or starvation/oxygen loss before I showed up there were no other kills/deaths.

I’ve spoken with Jascha already on this point but I might aswell record it here in its rightful place.

The only instance i’ve had where my kill hasnt been recorded was quite likely when the player in question had been killed by a POI within last 5 mins.

In previous seasons I have shot devices next to someone and the resultant explosion killed them = no kill for me. A med-bay one time ironically.

The last 5 kills I have made have not registered in the killer board. Why are they not showing or counting?
Day 18
0311 Ucka Bucka [HVC]
0314 Ezze
0317 Shojis

Day 23
0206 Naity_325

Day 24

I had 2 or three more before these but my log does not let me look farther back then day 16. Is there anyway to get this corrected?

As I said. I will update the tool and get some more logs in to see what happens.

I updated the tool now.
Please let me know when you notice another problem. Then I can check the logs.

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