KN Huntresses Recruitment Information

Currently, KNH is looking for fresh new hunters looking to make a name for themselves out here in the HWS stars!

What can you offer me?
A very direct, and necessary question. KNH offers players a chance to be a part of the HWS story, and engage in both PvP and PvE aspects. The first thing we do, is offer new players their first epic so they may gain their first HWS Rep point, and faction supply. We also help provide materials to get out there and experience the HWS in it’s full potential!

KNH also offers our own “reputation” system. As you perform faction missions, you gain KNH rep. With enough rep, you can gain access to one of our exclusive PvP CVs! This provides a fun way for you to take part in the server, and also help out the faction in many different ways.

We also have a contract/bounty board that allows you to choose a credit-paying job for one of the other factions within HWS. These types of contracts are usually a direct way to get involved in the daily PvP of the server, the personal stories of each faction, and HWS as a whole.

At KNH, we will do our best to help your experience on HWS be a good one. To provide you the opportunity to have fun, and join a friendly (albeit somewhat rowdy) group of hunters and huntresses, while still doing your own thing in the meantime.

How do I Join, or get more information?

Contact Naomi.Seto or Kalani.Yuchiro on steam. We’ll be glad to speak to you more about the faction, or help get you started within KNH!


But in all seriousness, we will be employing many hunters now that we are starting to get established in 5.0. And KNH is one of the two that LoT uses nearly exclusively.

Awesome, and I’ll be posting contracts up for members to pick and choose from. So if you have any contracts, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, let me know. That way I can put it on our boards for our members.

Sounds like a great faction!

I am 100% behind the idea of not giving your pilots decent CV’s until you make them grind rep.


I wonder what the missions are?

Is it “10,000 Sathium Ore for 1 rep point.”?

How many points do they get for getting slaughtered by pirates while flying their sardine cans?

Also I will pay you guys 1 million credits for killing Vakharn or Mordgier and taking his CV.

I’m more interested into exactly how they would prevent people from blueprinting already spawned PvP cv’s and just flying them.

Easy. Set them all private.

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More like 4 stacks of BC= 1 rep, x1 stack of erestrum=3 rep. Or filling a crate of munitions =2 rep. We also have recon missions and other more fun things to do that give out more rep. As for getting shot down, we all know LBP and ZC are difficult as hell to kill, even with a massive faction behind your back. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m trying this out to get people more involved, and bring in the people that enjoy the aspects that I enjoy. If someone is looking for extreme competition. Then that’s fine, that’s the way they want to play, and there are tons of factions for that. If they want to participate in a grander story play, and get to know the server the way I have and share the experiences I’ve personally felt, then we’re here for that.

Everyone plays their own way, I’m offering something different. If you want to get involved, message me on discord and I’ll share some of my ideas. :smiley:

[quote=“NaomiSeto, post:9, topic:3624”]
More like 4 stacks of BC
[/quote]With miner lvl10 I could get like 225 rep. It’s a lot of work to transfer 9000 blue crystals though manually. Good luck storing that :stuck_out_tongue:

What does 9000 blue crystals give me? At least give me a cockring ship for that amount of RP please. Ah I know, we get one of Mordgier ships that you stole. That would make it worth the time to transfer all those crystals.

Nah you just join them in battle when they set them to faction and quickly blueprint them :wink: . Then use donator command or constructors to instantly spawn it and fuel/ammo it with macro, then leave faction and shoot em in the back :wink:

Oh and there is an old exploit you can use to more or less steal the important parts of the design even when it’s on private.

If you guys actually need BC - please please reach out to me. I have more than I will use in my life time.

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I think what the guys are saying is instead of mats for rep, maybe make resource gathering missions mandatory to fill up the faction supplies, then have contracts be the thing that gets them faction ships and resources. The BP thing is not an issue for the size of ships y’all have, The ships pre fueled and armed are the better asset. Finally, you can have cv’s set to private, and passcode the seats. Boom, Loaner ships.

Okay no problem. XD But really it’s just to mainly get people out there. One of the things I liked was running around trying to find all my materials, while the adrenalin kicked in, hoping that no one was suddenly going to shoot me down. Or the time a faction member and I got into a SV pvp batlle. Those kind of experiences stuck to me greatly, and hoping to provide experiences like that to others.

Where do you go to gather resources? Just let me know and I will come make sure that you’re recovering the resources as efficiently as possible.

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Nods I was getting that from the posts, and I’m going to agree. They’re great ideas, and believe it or not, I do thank you guys for the constructive criticism and points made about my idea for the faction. And at a point, resource gathering/grinding is a bit of a nuisance, and does cut down on play. So, ship gain through contracts would be better.