Kushani Coalition, First to Arrive [US]

Hey all,

My name is Fenra and I’ve started a new faction on here (some of you may remember me on Liberland). I’m happy to say we’re the first faction on the server to have initiated a rescue of players who were stuck on Mercury, which our first attempt at doing so was on the 16th of April (if anyone has done something similar before than please take credit). We plan on doing ships rescues, pirate hunting, and other stuff like that, and we are based on Uranus and we plan to start operating in space very soon :slight_smile:

We’re always looking for more! Wanna hunt pirates? Build cool ships based on the Homeworld Universe? Do good for the server? Sign up today! (aka add me on Steam). We plan to start opening public resources for people on Earth and Mars, so that they don’t want for food or anything. Plans for the are coming soon :slight_smile:

Based on my taste of PvP so far (and certain RL things) me and Spaz are going on a hiatus for a bit starting Wednesday. Before that happens I’m looking to offload everything we have currently to another Alliance faction. Msg me for details :slight_smile:

Taste of PVP? Offload everything?

Do I smell a trap?


You’re waaaay behind in these posts lol xD I’m back in action, as is KCA. We’re undecided of where to go from Starter, but we’re located on US Servers, feel free to join!

KCA is now established on the US server, and we’re looking for more combat-oriented people to join us! :smiley: we will provide ships for you to practice with, as well as CVs to do patrol runs. Let me know in game if you’re interested!

Hi Fenra369, I would like to join a Alliance Faction, would you please informe me of the requirements. Thanks

This is super out of date, KCA has been dead now for 3-4 months lol, I have little interest in leading a faction tbh, I prefer to play the game more than administrate one :slight_smile: