Lack of Resources

Since HWS is so popular this seems an issue. Been wondering the universe now for a week trying to collect enough for a base. I have been to nearly every planet and resources are just gone. Meteors drop very slowly and often not in front of you. So i have an idea I think would be easy for Rex to implement wanted to see what others thought of this.

So either a few new planets or existing ones that no one lives on. Add a few drone base (if needed to achieve) but put admin core in them. THis means drones keep coming. Put them at extremely high rate so that planet is a warzone of them. At the same time make this a daily reset planet with just the basic resources. I suggest on top of drones make this PVP to just keep the danger high.

Purpose of this is so that noobs have a place to get resources to build things. In the current set up if you are in small groups or solo resources are too hard to come by. AM are not an option anymore as they dont mine forever. This planet would give a challenge no matter time or day. More of a challenge in prime game time. Would supple people with the resources needed but really would have to earn the resources. Now my thought is not adding the rares like Zacosim or estreum because they should be hard to come by. I am talking about the basics needed for building Sath Neo Cobalt Copper Iron and silicon. Perhaps to add to the challenge no Promethium so you have to come prepared to fight but can not replenish on surface. This could turn the tide in your mining operation if you run out of ammo.

Thanks for your suggestion.

After all the load of updating the PDA etc. I have now more time to balance the universe out.

I will jump to each single planet, make notes, fix.

A new planet is in planning with a new story. That can be combined then.

I would agree with Dawg suggestions for such a planet with one exception: I would like to see a PvE planet with hard difficulty. Could it be a whole system? A planet like described and orbit with drone patrols, freighters etc?

By all means have a daily wipe to keep it running smooth and have it swarming with drones etc. This should keep it interesting.

This could be an active alternative to auto miner… which gives me an idea - how about you would have to buy a pass to this system? Let’s say 1 auto miner core for 1 day pass?

I am finding space very empty these days. Almost no one is resource collecting especially gold. They was over 80 people on 2 nights ago and I flew to each system and only ever found my own faction flying around.

How am I meant to get rp if they is no one flying around for me to kill?

I suspect the shops are not selling much either as they seems less gold flowing.

HWS is in recession
the economy is crumbling
no one has any money

Bu I know REX will fix it.

Perhaps he can do one of each PVP and PVE. Even with loads of drones and freighters the issue with making such a planet PVE is the AI is way to easy to take out. If I landed one of my CV near me to mine the drones would drop like crazy. Or just my battle Tank HV. With the PVP scare added to that it adds more challenge. Still that is just my way of looking at it. I know people fear PVP like its a deadly virus though it is not all that bad. More so on HWS where some people at least dont feel the need to kill just to say I killed you.

If I am not mistaken killing players is not the only way to build rep. To each their own but perhaps try other methods. This is not Call of Duty where killing people is the only way to win.

I have had nothing but trouble keeping my friends on server for two reason. NO resources and the starters with their weather conditions puts off the new players.

Now that all the resources are mined out on all these planets, no reason to go to them.

Starting this game for the first time and dieing from freezing and radiation just equals a lot of rage quitting.


Hi Rexxxus i did notice something missing from HWS. Planets that wipe daily, unfortunettly the game has no method of regenerating resources so it might be a good idea to have some that wipe during each restart with massive deposits of common stuff.

As far as I see it most of my faction has gone into “sleeping” mode due to broken/unbalanced game mechanics. Fully clear that this is alpha ver. still but compared to gameplay and enjoyment ,…nah, gonna do something else until some of the major issues are fixed…

  1. CV fights? forget it unnless you got 24 hr ?+ and your opponent do the same before warping.
  2. Lag, lag and more lag, even in space combat, overwhelming the server capabilities, “no problem!”
  3. OP,? Probably on the right track but still very unfinnished…(read previous discussions)

This is just some issues on the fly, hope it will improve soon!

Must say the HWS team has gone out of their mind to try to keep me and everyone happy, and I am! When I get back to empyrion again this is my #1 server! You will see me more active when game mechanics improve one way or the other!



Funny when I mention the meteor drop rate is too low I get ripped a new one…you really need AMD deleption turned off to have a consistent flow of resources to wage these wars.