Lag shooting is still present it seems?

Alien plasma just penetrated several layers of armor and damaged and even blew up one of my internal components… So we still need 10 layers of armor?

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Multiple layers dont catch lag shots, dead spaces do. The thing they were supposed to fix with the 5.0 update was the spash dmage through blocks, where every block 5 blocks in would be damaged a little bit. That was what you needed that many layers for originally. When I mentioned lag shots in my bug thread, they said they were either unaware of it, or had never been able to reproduce it.

Thanks but I know how to build ships. I’m just sad that I still have to plaster huge blocks of walls again to my ships… I was told this was supposed to be fixed. Yes lag shots are super rare.

What I am sayin is you only need 3 or four max unless you are planning on it being whittled away. Not 10. And I was explaining which one they said they fixed in the patch notes. They never said they fixed lag shots to my knowledge, because they have never been able to reproduce it when they dont pvp as hard as us.

They said they fixed explosions going through blocks.

Pulse laser and plasma still love to go through solid blocks. With the core targetting change and the devices still being very low HP these lag shots are worse than ever even white using white space blocks we frequently find our ships cored through 4 intact layers of spaced armor - our record lagshot went through 7 layers of angled blocks to smash the core. UMC had the video posted but it seems they took it down :slight_frown: - it clearly showed a ship being shot at from the front through a massive armor wall and ending up cored despite minimal damage to the actual armor. (Also not complaigning about UMC, they won that fight fair and square and fight the same bugs we do, but it’d be nice if bugs were not the biggest killers)

It’s getting to the point where we are working on designs that have areas for “replacement cores” as putting one down next to the cockpit is a really bad idea as ZC taught me.

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[quote=“Mordgier, post:5, topic:3333”]
It’s getting to the point where we are working on designs that have areas for “replacement cores” as putting one down next to the cockpit is a really bad idea as ZC taught me.
[/quote]Could you perhaps teach us too senpai? :innocent:
I still do that. If I get blown up along with the core, I just respawn at another medchamber and put a new core down again? And pray that respawn screen doesn’t take too long.

So we need 7+ (make it 10+ for PVP ships) layers again on all sides of the most important components. Always nice with a 20k block limit… And also 7+ around the cargo boxes of PVE ships (aka ‘alien-killer-ships’). Wow that is like gonna increase the size of my ships many times.

Though to me it happened vs alien plasma so it can also happen against aliens. Heard an explosion, backed off, found out that one of my engines was blown up. Everything around it was intact and some minor damage to outer armor layer.

I really don’t like to die. It’s super bad. Your backpack full of cores falls out of your ship, you respawn in your medbay - and then fall out of your ship. You respawn again in what is left of your now uncored ship, have to dig through your remaining boxes to find a core cause your backpack with 10+ cores is forever lost. By the time you manage to place a core again you might as well suicide and do a fresh start.

I have no idea about alien weapons, it seems to be related to projectile speed though. I do not see it happening with missiles.

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