Lag Shots

The past two times I have been out for pvp have gotten cored by lag shots. It is seems to be happening more and more and is quite disheartening.

Here is a good vid from last night capturing a lag shot, want to say thanks to @colin2coldd for giving me a 1v1 duel and allowing me recore and continue dueling


here is the ship colin used to kill LBP (Tomcat)

1 NeR ship took out colin’s ship, lol. Maybe Tomcat needs a better computer?

Always take elevator blocks with you when roaming in pvp space.

Since Kustom seems to want to chime with a partial story, so will I as I witnessed the fight in its entirety.
It was a good match. NER manage core Colin’s ships. At which point he closed the distance on Colin to allow his ships guns to rack inside of Colin’s ship. Colin recored his ship. Tried to get back in the fight. unfortunately NER was able to Kill Colin by running his guns along the inside of Colin’s ship. NER came aboard Colin killed him, looted his backpack waited. More showed up unable to contain themselves they had casualties from friendly fire allowing Colin to look through Fluff’s backpack. as MULTIPLE ships now fired on Colin he logged went to work on another ship design.

The battle highlights the need for fixing the lag issues as was pointed out by Tomcat. This post highlight Kustom’s need to grow up. The pictures posted of Colins ship was post bombardment once the fight was over(perhaps they were to scared to reenter Colin’s ship). Kustom’s attempt to mislead speaks volumes on his integrity. The fact that so many felt the need to gloat over a battle against Colin they did not actually participate in tells me Colin must have gotten under their skin, and only been on the server a little over a week. What are you kids going to do when his friends start playing. Try to get them banned too?

[NER] troll attempt shot down.

Perhaps now we can have a civil discussion of lag issues and their effect on PvP.

Did you just double post because nobody responded to your allegations in 20 minutes?

That’s hilarious.

Is there a reason you responded in discord rather than here?

What’s hilarious is thinking a civil discussion regarding the game/server could occur. Perhaps when there is more adult supervision. Until then I will give you last word.


well i didnt know anyone else was there after you were cored colin…its still funny that your ship was cut in half. pretty bad Lag Shot i guess lol

What? Are you just randomly stringing together insults to see how many people you can piss off?