Laggy/Glitchy mess!

Ok so me and faction friend were out in our CV’s on Comet 7, no lag everything running smooth as usual, then suddenly major lag/freeze! then in what can only be described as a slideshow i am somehow launched out of my CV (Not dead) and appear in a mountain, unable to move or do anything and i am now stuck in a constant loop, i have logged in/out multiple times and there is no fix, there is a major issue, it is not gameplay of any kind, the ship that appeared and seemd to create its own blackhole was owned by TST, it appears to have some kind of barrier around it that is stopping either of us from playing the game, each time i respawn i am stuck hundreds of feet in the air where i got “Beamed” out of my CV and SV earlier.

I am still 1 hour later unable to move/spawn or do anything, we both lost our 2 CV’s due to this issue, it was not a fight, we were not in combat in any way and we couldnt have done anything even if we were, this guy from TST turns up and the game messes up completely, neither of us can move, we cannot get back to our stuff, we cannot get in our ships or do anything, i lost my CV, 2 x SV and a HV plus all the tons of stuff it was carrying, my mate lost his CV and an SV on the back and all the materials.

I can handle the odd glitch, and occasional problems and i certainly dont mind losing a ship/base/everything in combat or normal gameplay but this is/was ridiculous, there appears to be some kind of barrier around this ship and anything within range messes up, pilots get pulled out of ship and randomly warped somewhere away from it where they are stuck until they either suicide or die from starvation and thats it, game over.

I would appreciate a response ASAP as i do not have any way to replace what i lost now, it was all on that planet :frowning: and i am also unable to move or do anything, whenever i suicide it does the same thing :frowning:
i like this server a lot and me and my mate would not have both donated yesterday and today if we did not, but this issue does need dealing with asap please.



Couple of screenshots showing how/where i was stuck

what it doesnt show is the screen going mental jumping up and down too when i took the screenshots, and i still cant move or do anything.

Have you used the cb:unstuck or the console command detach?
The Guide as well as the community is well aware of such a situation.
If that does not help let us know. But after the server restarted this problem should be gone anyhow.

Just to understand it right:
Is it just close to that ship?
Meaning when you go somewhere else everything is ok?

hello, ill update reggie’s incorrect information, the ship that he is talking about was from TMP its called the Mauler mk1. please feel free to check it out and put reggie’s epic imagination at ease, confirm it has not got a black hole generator (sounds cool tho) or what was the other one a anti playablilty shield. LOL

Yip that ship has flown around lots and no lag must be a special case for reggie.

Which server NA or EU? C7 was having issues over the weekend on NA. I lost a SV similarly. I know as you approach our base it gets a little laggy but that’s just due to the size of our faction and our ships. Your screenshot isn’t near there from what I can see.

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