Land Claim on HWS Team Hub Pirate HQ

At the HWS Team Industries Building (Pirate HQ) - Someone built this with a landclaim. Is this allowed? (un-nessessary pathway, landclaim to prevent other people building nearby, building ultra-close to the team building, etcunknown

And what’s the problem for you personally? Our faction just don’t want to have filled and dug terrain around our base.

It is a road for motorbike

Is it really necessary to be able to drive a bike there, couldn’t you just walk? The terrain would reset anyway each Friday its not so much the base as the land claim so no-one else can build anywhere close to the tower bit cheeky if you ask me that area isn’t just for you and your faction

Not true, 1 Base appeared close to POI today without any problems. Land Claim is about 30 meters in PvE, it’s not 300 meter as in PvP. You can freely spawn your base there.

My leg is broken, really need a bike ride.

We forgot to place a LandClaim Device in the TEAM Tower.
I did it now. Whoever built too close to the Tower could be affected by it. Other than that no issues happened yet as far as I can see.
It’s a different situation than a Landclaim device on Atlantis…

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@RexXxuS so what should i do with our base? Can i just leave it as is?

Lots of pois are exploitable because there is no lcd. I saw whole pois filled with sand or turrets were covered with it.

Yes, some old legacy POIs are still in HWS :frowning:
Have to update them because player will obviously do everything for their advantage…

I didn’t see you block someone or something. For now ok.

a faction CV with a teleporter works just fine. port in from a base 30LY away and use the one for ECC to return. this works very well if u have a teleport base near a monolith. we have one on Croot just for this purpose. no land claims needed.

Speaking of grieving and blocking…

Somebody crashlanded his dumb CV right on top of TEAM Pirate HQ, vessel is private, id: 341338.
It has Offline Protection, so it can block 3 TEAM posts, who accepts contracts.
Can this piece of junk be wiped?

moved it.,.

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Thanks @gareth , it made me nervous a bit :slight_smile:

Was there any need to insult someone’s build you call if a bit of dumb junk what does that make your build in comparison? Even if it’s causing a problem the insults are unnecessary and no its not my ship, no-one insulted your building just said it was a little close and didn’t need a land claim, I wonder why you felt the need to insult theirs.

Your land claim blocks my frend from yousing drone so it is disrupting team erya as well w is wy i started this tread

its POI land claim

It is now yes, might not want to deny having one as there are screenshots of it to prove you had one

So what do you want? Play pve grief game? Block my base with your CV?

@admin close this thread plz