Landing pad and SV ship disappeared in orbit

Username: Elm
Server: HWS NA
Location: Freelancer Home
Localized: unknown

Summary: Spawned landing pad and docked SV ship, disappeared when logged in today.

Event time estimate: October,2,2017

Description: Spawned a large launchpad blueprint last night, we put a base block on it. Was there for the evening while we were logged in. Our faction [RIP] brought our CV and a SV to dock on it. SV name was Boomstick, launch pad name was Spawn Pad - I do not have the number anymore not in registry. We logged off, when I came on today the launchpad and the SV connected to it were gone. Our CV was still there. Not sure the issue, we were not over the limit for ships in that orbit. Any help would be amazing, thank you!

SV Boomstick ID is :4768628 - Just found how to find this on connect. Base ID: 4737295 . All I really care for is the SV but not sure why they both got deleted. Thank you!

I restored you SV.
The base was to small. Bases under 10 blocks will be automatically deleted by the game after an hour. Since the SV was docked it was also deleted.

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Did not know that, thank you very much!