Larger thrusters not worth the cost

I was building my cv today and i was looking at the thrusters and their thrust per block density. im honestly completely unencouraged to use anything larger than a medium thruster because it is fairly efficient while having approximately the same thrust per block as the large and xlarge. the same applies for the sv where the t1 jet has way more thrust per block than the higher tiers of thrusters. so im pushed more to use 200 thrusters to get myself to zip around rather than use maybe 20. could it be considered to make the thrust as you go up in size worth the resources and everything else.

For CVs the M thrusters are the least energy efficient and have a really bad power to weight ratio in comparison to the larger thrusters, if you want a fast and large CV you are much better off using XL and L thrusters. You also need to consider the size class impact, a large number of smaller thrusters costs much more here. M thrusters only excel in one stat: hitpoints per block.

For SVs the Jet thruster S is king of the hill. Close to best efficiency, best thrust per block, best power to weight ratio. The only reason you’ll find other thrusters in SVs is space restrictions or again size class impact.

Gotcha, I was in creative and used a bunch of mediums on a large cv and covering it with armor nearly halved the effect, I’ll try switching out with large. Appreciate the insight.

HWS uses a custom config, so the thruster values on the server are different than creative.

hmm @RexXxuS is there a place to download hws’s custom config file so we can design ships specifically for this server? if not, could there be?

I updated the HWS Config Guide properly now with all info needed.