Latest build of EmpAdminHelper - Where to obtain?

My dedicated server version is currently I have tried updating Empyrion dedicated server using the -beta experimental validate however I don’t get the 1.49… version of the helper executable. My options are to set the server to version 10,11, Unknown. Thank you.

The exp version for servers hasn’t been released publicly yet. Only the SP version, and then the Official Exp version.
I’m assuming that’s why EAH hasn’t been updated yet either.

I thought the same thing, however I looks like they have implemented phase one. Who has access to that? Furthermore, there is a newer version of EmpAdminHelper:

Patch notes - (Alpha 12 only)

Remember to stop the server, start the tool and then start the server to apply the Update. If you start a new game also make sure to restart the tool after you started the game the first time. Please turn off Autban before you update the tool or start the server. Then check for a few hours if the Cheater Check marks people yellow (Extreme = They would get banned) without reason. If so, please let us know and do not turn on AutoBan. If everything is ok, you can turn on AutoBan. In case you are using a slave tool: Be aware that using this version only works if you update master and slave! This Version will be available over steam and via manual download.

Please switch the Version in the Config to Alpha 12

  • Added : Alpha 12 Ready
  • Added : New Player File Version
  • Added : New yaml files
  • Added : New items
  • Added : Connect to Global Game Database
  • Added : Extended Ignore non EAH requests
  • Added : Chat to faction function
  • Fixed : CB:Wipe ignoring “Wipe if x hours on Playfield”
  • Fixed : CB:Wipe showing always x days from another setting
  • Fixed : Crash when closing EAH
  • Fixed : CB:Destroy in chatbot to long

Anyone, but the servers are still only for Eleon. Nobody can update their servers to A12.

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sorry the patch notes on the EAH side where missing the latest information.

See here for the full infos:

So as soon as EXP Server is public I will also upload the EAH Version. Would just do harm at the moment

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