Lawless Status List

I figured I’d start a thread state which lawless factions will aggress the “civilians” (Bounty Hunters, Traders, and Alliance). Peaceful means the don’t attack anyone, Raiders will attack Alliance and Traders, and Vigilantes will act like psuedo alliance, only ignoring the rules of Alliance and their authority on anything. :slight_smile: Also Reavers are basically people who will shoot at anything that moves, similar to pirate, however do not abide by any rules of the server whatsoever (save the ones that prevent you from getting banned :wink: ).

Since pirates will likely attack first, I’m going to exclude them from this (unless they want to be added).

Reply with your faction name, abbrev, and who you shoot at (if anyone) and I’ll update this list.





This seems like a NIH response to the existing factions. I don’t see sub-flavors of Lawless really adding much, except excessive complication, especially to IFF.

I’m not NIH, but I’ve noticed that a lot of lawless factions fall into two major categories; those that fight, and those that don’t.