LBP camping warp-ins , Is this ok?

After a hard 3 days fighting for ore on gold planet one of our brave pilots was on his way back to trader planet when after jumping from gold field his ship was insta attacked after the jump and lost.

A few of us decided to see for ourselves because we couldn’t believe pirates would be camping warp-ins.

After a 30 min wait we jump from Trader planet to GF and back to Trader

Right as we jump-in 3 LBP CV’s started shooting our simple trading ship . :frowning:

This was sad so we just slow boated our way into Trader planet while being chased / shot at by 3 LBP pirate shps.

My question for Rex is this , Is this ok to " camp " " refuel " at warp-ins ?

BTW LBP you owe us 8 lights and 3 thrusters. and one simple trading ship

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