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=> How do I cancel my Patron.

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=> The reason is I don’t want to spend days grinding for ore that the only way to get is PVP. I do 0% PVP. in fact I broke my rule because people said just be careful, so I went into PVP space. Less than 30 second I had an SV on me. I tried to buy it but it wouldn’t let me kept saying it payment failure. in one word its to complicated.

north America
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=> all I want is to have my payments to stop. I don’t want any refund, just don’t want to pay for something im not going to use

Hello @shopdogin

sorry to hear you want to leave HWS.
Especially because your reason is not true at all:

You can get plenty of resources also in PvE, be it the Phoenix Orbit or plenty of Stargate Missions. Time to get those? About 30-60 minutes.
(not to mention the possibility of trading)

Anyways, you can read more about it here:

Last note:
I recommend to you, to come back in HWS 12. I think it will be a big boost for players like you, as well as Casual Gamer.

In any way: I do appreciate your Support until now a lot and hope to see you back one day.
Take care


Also, to add on RexXxus here…

There is the AOM, andd you get cores for it almost every day.

Trading may be the best way to get what you need. Don`t just put things for sale and hope someone is selling what you need, but shout out in the chat, or use the Trading/marked channel in discord. People will often trade for stuff you never thought, and that you may have a ton of :slight_smile:

Good luck out there pilot :wink:


You could also try joining a large faction. It can be really helpful to get you started :slight_smile:


Thanks for link, I hope no one thinks I’m saying it’s a bad server; just the opposite it’s awesome. You guys have done a great job. It just doesn’t fit my style. I would rather spend hours getting a Fighter someone shot down, then 2 hours hunting for ore. Yes there is a lot of ore except for big E and Z. Also I did ask in chat I got 1 answer it went like this " there is plenty in PVP, there is a little on 1 planet but it’s usually gone; I hunt golems they give me what I need" I didn’t bother telling that I had been to a Swamp and Desert Planet and every North and South Pole on every Planet I landed on. Couldn’t find a snow planet. I love to raid, so I need tons of the big E, I use plasma everything. One thing I got to say it was awesome how much Warp fuel there was, travel was never the problem. Thanks again


If you haven’t left the server, look for me in chat and I’ll show you where to get Erestrum easily in pve.


@shopdogin :point_up::point_up:

Wow everyone Thanks! Okay I ate crow on this one, played a few different servers and found there are 2 kinds; the ones that give you everything. I would rather grind than get everything handed to me. Then like yours, my problem is I had 2000 hrs. on single player, that’s counting creative. So it looks like I’m going to tuck my tail and come back to server. Hopefully I learned something. I will get back on patron want the beni’s. I do have a question about the Patron payment did I miss something it went from $7 to $30 could use something in between.


Here are all Tiers you can choose from

HWS Patreon Membership Tiers List.pdf (159.6 KB)

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