Left Handed Support

Would it be possible to make the ctrl, alt, and shift keys on the right side work as the ones on the left side of the keyboard do?

Its quite frustrating as a left handed player to have to switch. Also it would be amazing if there was a crouch toggle to make things like crouching under a SV to copy block info much easier along with tons of other uses. Please and thank you.

most everything can be changed in the settings.

crouch toggle is a double tapping whatever button you have assigned.

aside from that, you will need to contact the developers of the game.

Hey, @Ewifore. Welcome to HWS.

As Bob said, that would be up to the game developers. We’re just a server, and have no control over such things.
I haven’t checked, but if you’re lucky, it can be reconfigured in the game settings, under key binds.