Let us open a dialog of some issues that effect us all

HWS community,

In this dialog I would like to only talk about HWS and not Empyrion. The reason for this is because we have limited amount of influence that is effective in Empyrion . However, our collective input for HWS can effect changes to HWS.

To let you know I have been though the process of Empyrion and HWS. I did not just show up one day with everything I have now. Nothing was given to me except friendship and knowledge.
In my opinion there should be no reductions to the HWS connect features that I have worked on for 2370 hours played on HWS. Players with my kind of investment in HWS should not be penalized for any reason. I have earned everything. I know its in the fine print that everything is subject to change. If there is a server breaking reason I am ok with that. From what I have seen, these changes have only drove away long term players. That I am not ok with. I am also ok with adding new levels. As long as they are supported with the ability to achieve them.
However I am open to debate on these issues and will consider factual and logical points on how reductions, and/or change of cost to HWS connect features will help the HWS community.

The main topics I suggest we focus on are the reduction, and/or change of cost to:
Orbital Cargo Drone
Orbital Auto Miners
Elemental Bank
HWS Trader (as it relates to there direct relationship to HWS Market Place)
HWS support (items you can buy with real money)

This is a big one and I hate posting it.
The seasonal and inconsistent changes to the settings in the config files that force ship builders to have to redesign major ship changes. Specifically how this effects PVP in HWS.

I would also like to have a dialog about the over complication of GG mining and its value as a PVP content generator. Is it worth holding GG any more? How that effects HWS if a active faction is not controlling the resources on GG or Home World System? Should PVP just go away? With the current set up PVP has died.


Is this a true representation of HWS community members that have purchased or would purchase in game items with real money? Is this based on community members who would never buy in game items with real money? There is a difference. Should the community as a whole be able to dictate to individual players how they spend money? Should HWS be limited on how to raise money to pay for the servers by the opinions of others? Should the market of services offered by HWS dictate how money is raised to pay for the server? If an item is not selling, the market will show the need for removal of that item.

If you think that allowing this in PVP will give some kind of advantage to you in a PVP area you are mistaken. Chances are you will die and lose whatever items you bring in this way. That is what makes it a risk to claim these type of items in any PVP area. This is a small part of any strategy you should use when going into PVP on HWS.
How many of these voters have been in a situation that required you to claim these packages in a PVP area? If you do not take part in PVP please exclude your vote.

PVE players beware. This effects you most of all. It will drive up your seasonal cost of PVE activity. You will have to produce more credits each season to upgrade your OCD level that will not remain stable benefits from season to season. Also this will drive the cost of NPC core up and Garage Ships with it. Your ability to store items like NPC is a critical part to your long term progression in HWS.

I consider this to be a trivial change. The most expensive or rarest blocks should be the most powerful. Simple as that. The replaceblock command is an easy one to do in creative.

I voted against purchasing of alien cores with real money, as it is a form of pay-to-win. I refuse to play or purchase games that require loot boxes, and a big fat HELL NO towards star shitizen and their cocaine money laundering scheme. In-game items should be earned IMO, not bought.

As for the packages, also voted against using them in PvP. It seems too convenient to just pop up amazon prime instant delivery and you are stranded on a planet. Either restart, or could have a feature once a day to spawn in a very bare SV for escape purposes only.


I understand your point on pay-to-win. I respect your choice not to take part in an activity you do not agree with.

You are a PVPer, and experienced one at that. I respect you view on this. However, I argue that the player claiming items from FA:supply or DO:re is more often going to die before those items can be used for an escape. I do not include Market place items or Trader items in this. They can be used for and have been used to escape.I think these should not be allowed on a PVP play field. It also lessons the value of OCD levels. Why try to get or pay for OCD 7 when you can just buy what you need from HWS Amazon Prime?

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I agree with all your points as well. Myself, I have never used a do:re and maybe used fa:supply twice? since the season started. It’s good for new players, but for veterans who like ourselves can get by on nothing it doesn’t have much of a purpose at this point.

That’s why I would rather be scrapping out someone’s ship instead of mining. What is the enjoyment of having to buy success?

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This is one reason I opened this dialog up. Before anyone make a vote on a post you need to know how it effects you and new players. Most of the veteran players do not use or need things like NPC core storage or package delivery in PVP. However they are important steps to becoming invested in HWS and to achieve higher levels of HWS features. Your NPC core can be stored and sold a a profit to veteran players that no longer want to do the POI’s to get them. Gold is sold to wealthy players that no longer wish to mine. PVP leads to more items purchased at higher prices then during NON PVP times.That leads to a gain in wealth. By limiting yourselves with things like reducing OCD storage and bank interest reductions you are hurting your HWS gains.

i just see issue with making large changes based on such little voting. there are hundreds of players that frequent the HWS universe. 66 voters for NPC core vote, 44 said yes remove. 59 voters for PvE only packages, 36 said yes. i surely hope that 36 people do not have the power to decide for the rest of the community. and tbh the idea of “it was advertised, u didnt vote, too bad so sad” is not a great idea for every decision made here. while i dont feel i have the answer, perhaps a prompt for these types of feedback requests show when logging into the HWS connect portal would help. maybe a popup (preferably advert free) as soon as you connect. i am sure there are more than 66 people that use HWS connect that had no idea about the forums. there are also others that do not have the time or desire to visit a web forum. this may help encourage them to take a peek at the hard work invested here.


Maybe in-game voting would be a better idea?

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