Let's have a giant space battle

Hey everyone. I’d like to help orchestrate a huge space battle and use recorded footage to advertise the server! I’m posting here to see if this would generate any traction and find out who would like to participate. I can personally contribute a large CV and a couple fighters.

Let me know what you think!

Awesome Idea! I was actually thinking of the same thing…couple of events…Have people show up and do a “car show” type of event. Park you CVs and show em off while you blast holes in your buddy in a SV last man standing. Winner gets to loot the wreckage!

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Could help like pilot :smiley:

The more bugs / drama we have the more features and events will happen! That is the HWS guideline :wink:
See what Statler did already and we had a Dogfight event in HWS 1.0 already. Would be cool to do it again.

Streamers / Youtubers will be promoted btw. :wink:

Just leave in the title / description the server name / info please

Awesome! I have only done a few youtube videos, my channel isn’t that popular. I might have better success streaming it. I’ll get it set up soon, and when more people respond here we can set a date!