Lets try and make pvp more fun again. LIMITS for pvp space?

This post is for pvp factions and players. Limits should only be on pvp worlds and space.

After two days of pvp i have discovered that this is getting realy booring to be honest.
We all have good ships with 1-2-3-4 layers of hardend steel. We can all take like 10-15 direct plasma hits.
A dog fight lasts for 30min++…

Is this what we want ? I belive it would be more fun with smaller ships with less durability and less guns. Maybe you loose a ship extra or something but it would be more fun i a fight to loose some and have to go back and get a new one.

Materials arnt the problem here. We all have more then we need.

My suggestion is that we cut down on the ships ALOT. This should also make everything less laggy.

It will be hard to make a good fighter like this but it will be the same for everyone.

Suggestion for SV

100 devices and 200 blocks. (Its small and nimble but its a small ship.)

Suggestions for CV

200 devices and 5000 blocks (Its large enought make a carrier but you cant place 200 turrets on it.)

  • REX can your tool handle this ? And cant we get some vooting going and see what the PVP players want…

Lets make this happend so we get more fun fights that maybe wont last forever but atleast wont be laggy.




I totally Agree. We need a faster PVP battle otherwise it will be boring

Yeah we really want to support you regarding this.
But like I said sadly the devs need to fix the device bug first.
Little explanation: there is a .txt file where every device and block is stored of your structures. Before 3.0 it worked well. Now the numbers in there are totally wrong. We fetching the .txt file and doing some stuff with it.

So as soon as the devs fixed this we will implement this limit sizes. I just don’t know if we can do this for SVs as well. Have to see.

The main issue is that the core game is unbalanced. There are no drawbacks to anything, it hasnt become advanced enough to work on a total points type basis to put limits on things. Hopefully this will come in time and make the PvP side of things even more fun.

RExxus - Can you just set Block limit ?

That will limit the size of the ships and also the devices you need… :slight_smile:

For every PvP orbit / planet?
Sure, but I think it will screw a lot of people if they see lot of stuff going to R6J faction.

Ofc… this needs to be handled with care… maybe 3-4 days notice and so on…

we will try it as soon as possible. The bugs killing us right now. More and more ships just gone forever…

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I hope a pole will be created for voting because this sounds like a bad idea.

Why do you think so?
Isn’t it in favor for everyone to have a smooth gameplay?

This is so hard decision. One half of ppl wants to spawn huge ships. Other half of ppl wants to play smooth pvp without lags, freezes, crashing of game, porting kilometrs away.

This post is here after SWP build another huge CV with a lot of miniguns. As MDA was palying with the idea already i appriciate that some other group is inventive also. Why we dont use miniguns? Becouse it lags even more than expected. Miniguns hits instantly and if you ahve 21 on sv it just cuts through like knife through bread. And it keeps cutting seconds after you stoped firing, as game tries to catch with dealing 3 dmg thousand times. At first it seems you do nothing. You stop firing and then you see like blocks are slowly disappering as dmg is dealt. Nice, nasty, but sadly laggy.
Multiply this by number of SWP players and by maybe us using miniguns too. Add one more huge cube with miniguns.

Result is that once you enter area 3km around the place where this is going on. Game freezes. Windows reporting process stoped to work. Maybe your ship continues in flying, maybe not, who knows. What i do is i approach at low speed and freeze and wait. after minute game starts to work and im in battle, you have to move your mouse very carefuly becouse you have 10 frames per minute.

Another thing is that pvp is currently more about waiting for damage dealing system to bug. If ship is moving and game lags projectile can ignore some layers of armor, blocks. So our battle takes 3 hours of waiting unless bug occurs.

Do i want to spend my time like this? No thanks. So this is about making game smoother. If you dont belive it go and try yourself, when I was yeasterday away in deep space with Sanch and RemMak it was game i want to play, only 3 SVs worked quite fine, sometimes someone jumped few meters. But as soon as i approached The Cube game frozen, so i tried to turn around and run. Once i left 3km area i could have been playing again.

I tried to attack today, tried once and fly away, im here for fun not to suffer and read the book while waiting for game to move to another frame.
So this is why we keep requesting this. Will it work? Probably not becouse if you tell someone to build 100 devices ship he will do it thousand times and we are back when we started. But generaly it could work a bit.

Restrictions are confusing already, its anoying for larger factions to have only one CV on planet but you all can see how laggy starter planets are.
I would stick with more global restrictions. Not different for every playfield to keep it simply and readable.

Its sad. Best thing is us to be sane and dont build something which will very obviosly create lag. But thats not gonna happen. 10/10 would freeze the game with their monstrosities again.

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If everyone wants this no problem. I just don’t see why smaller SV will make it a better gameplay. I love smashing into large SV makes it easier.

I’ve always supported block/device limits for lag reasons. I would also support making those limits universal, if for no other reason than consistency.

I believe 100 devices for an SV is quite feasible. However, two hundred blocks seems a bit low. I have a very modest multi-role SV built with only 1 layer of steel (except a small area on the nose); it has 356 blocks. Too small will limit creative variety. An exposed cockpit on an SV also makes for an even less interesting one-shot fight. Perhaps 500 blocks would be reasonable.

Five thousand blocks for a CV seems plenty. I thought the Class 3 device restriction was reasonable. However, if we need to go lower than 500 devices for performance reasons, then I would suggest trying some smaller changes, e.g., 400 devices, and stepping down further if needed.

Elfias rights.

Game not optimized on PvP. And most of us, had poor imiganation, so use BP from WS. I saw already 10 same (!) SV on Phobos in the same moment of time. CV had the same story.

So… If u wonna make it interesting: make some systems with dat low device count ship. For Example , systems with Top resources. Make some “filter” before Warp-jump, that wouldnt let u go in, if u go out of limits. Than PvE farmers will continue use their monsters, and PvP-players will get less lagged battlefield.

That what I think…

P.S.: Not for all.
(А вообще, не понимаю каким образом народ пытается месится. Там же фактически сражаются не корабли, а кубики набитые орудиями, аля Ежики, изза чего это уже не замес, а банальное слайд-шоу с “кто кого передмажит”… .в чем фан?)

As I said above, this is all core game issue, not something necssarily HWS can fix. TBH, this game needs limits otherwise it will implode. Some form of exponential cost/detriment needs to be introduced. For example.

Large guns reduce sensor range in an exponentially decreasing way. The point at which the detriment kicks in could be based on Tier or some other metric. I don’t mind people wanting big stuff, I do too!! But right now it is too easy to spawn a 100 turret SV that can move like a bee on acid and annihilate everything for what in the grand scheme of things is a pittance.

I agree with more stringent limits to make the game playable but want the game to continue to mature so those limits don’t have to be imposed externally.

Than, for some better balance - we need increase PowerUse on all devices, and nerf PowerOut from Generators. Than u got some balance in size to power. But I think, that could be done only by Devs.

As I said, core game issue which the devs will have to fix.

I know this is a core game issue but with the great program on HWS they can set these rules without the devs.

Im starting this as i think we as pvp players need to go back to basic and build smaller ships for more fun fighting experince. Its a challange and i dont even have any ships that will fly with limits on 100 devs / 200 blocks but we need to start somewhere…

If you get hit it will be harder but it will also be easier for you when you hit someone else. As long as we agree im on it.


I see it like Kalsius it is still and core game Issue. Just the how the system handels blocks and ships and turrets will make the perfomance bad. If there would be no lagg it would be easy to kill a hard armored SV with a low armored SV because you are much more difficult to hit. But isnt this game about to farm minerals and build big bases and big ships? If you cant build big ships you have to compensate it with more attackers/players and this will also cause lagg…

The CV with 5k blocks is still big… realy big…

But SV = Small Vessle should not be on 2000 blocks and 200 thrusters… With cap on speed its easy to build so heavily armored ships that pvp takes forever…

We are thinking about this in diffrent ways.

My sides are…

  • Less lag
  • Smaller ships.
  • Faster pvp - You die alot more but a 1v1 would not take 1 hour.
  • Less resourses to build ships.
  • harder to build ships.
  • Alot harder so survive.
  • CV will be more powerfull.

Its impossible to build a fully covered SV with 2-300 blocks. You will need to sacrisface alot of things to make a fighter. But that is a good thing… Fighters are for fighting and so on and on and on…

But why dont we make a vote. and see what all players want.