Lights / shadows Bugs

hi, it seems the new lights, while beautifull, have some problems,

there, the lights comming from the thrusters are really too bright →

Hébergement photos

Hébergement photos

then, there some shadows bug on the grass( i think its the same as the one in 5.x )

and then, the game looks really darker at night, lights are now really usefull, but i don’t know if its a bug or intentional, it got brighter when scoping with a gun :

(same spot aimed with and without scoping )

[my rig: i5-4570, 8gb ram, Rx470 oc 8gb with latest driver, win7 64bit ]

that’s it for now, just cometics things mainly, i didn’t encountered really bad bugs ( didn’t played much time on nova tho )

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