Like Building ships? (SV PVP)

So i’ve hit a creative barrier, i have built several PVP ships but i’m afraid to say my artistic ability isn’t great.

This is what i’m after

  • An Original SV (not on steam workshop :wink:

*Holds up well on PVP (Hardened steel, Layered, Smart device layout)

*Minimum 16 guns

*Pure fighter (no Constructors)

*plenty of ammo spaces, 1 Oxy, plenty of fuel storage etc

*Looks like a nice ship (no cube or box)

*Is Very agile (no regard for fuel) (RCS crazy :wink:

I’m not after the best DESTROYER, i want a ship that can hold its own in a fight but look beautiful whilst doing so :smiley:

Doesn’t matter about resources, pile them up!

why bother doing this for me?

ill pay you 150,000 credits:D

Upload a pick and if i like what ill see i’ll buy at risk. If you state you will make one from scratch and upload and i don’t like ill pay you 25,000 credits for the effort :smiley:

(Device Limit 150 as will be restricted soon)

i got an super good sv fighter, minimum buyout is 2 million credits.

I’ve seen your ‘Super good SV fighter’

Cubey McBox box right? :joy:

you’d have to pay me 2 million to be seen in that :mask:

I also am poor at design. I have some ideas in mind. If someone can take my ideas and design the ship ill give 500,000 cr. Not trying to hijack this post but figured it was related. No boxes.

I’ve been working on a great looking SV for a while now, but the max 150 devices just screwes it over :sweat:

Basics = 1 Core / 21 Guns / 1 Cockpit / 4 Generators / 6 Fuel Tanks / 2 O2 Tanks / 1 O2 Station = 36 Devices
21 Guns = 10 Small Ammo Boxes minimal
Layers = Mass = More thrusters needed for fast response time
Maneuverability = More RCS needed for fast turns

Basicly you have 104 devices left to devide between RCS and Thrusters. For small SVs that’s more than enough. For my design (which doesn’t include to many layers yet), it just isn’t. Either you lose maneuverability or response time. Anyway, here’s some pics:

sadly the admins dont have any remorse for our designs, i was trying to point out that if they change the limit they will destroy all designs people have been working for to fit the new limits since before and now another jump to even lower limit, enough is enough!!

Well I understand the reasoning behind it. They’re trying to reduce lags and unfortunetely, that has to come with sacrifice. However, where do you draw the line? Players aren’t lagging because the server can’t handle it. They’re lagging because their own computers can’t handle it.

  1. They might have a slow internet connection
  2. Their graphics card(s) could be outdated
  3. They might not have enough RAM

Of course you want to accommodate as many players as possible, but at which point do you just say: Get a better computer! Get a reasonable internet connection!

I agree it’s hard to draw such a line, but I think that when you’ve reached a point where mid-end system setup users can no longer enjoy the game in the way it was intended to be played just to accommodate low-end system setup users, you’re crossing that line.

I have an bad feeling where this community is going, they will limit so its almost impossible to have an pvp base to defend from invaders, people will settle on only pve planets, ultimately people will get super bored and leave, as we have noticed now the amount of players online have gone from 100 to 50 now on primetimes, the reason behind is that admins have taken the crying of new players who maybe only play some hours per week, and ignored the veterans players who maybe plays 12 hours per day, we do not get our voice heard!

I will definitely upload something. I spend more time in creative building and rebuilding than i don playing the damn game.

Ice cube and Enars. Like both of the SV. I really like modifying and altering…just cos ive made so many my mind takes me to similar designs I’ve previously made lol

Thanks for replying if your happy I’ll buy the blueprint off both of you for 200k each? 250k if listed in in the elemental trading station for ease :smiley:

no idea how to use the elemental trading station i am afraid. I am at the bank, next to Shootys and the blue crystal store on NA server lol.

For 5 mill you can friend me on steam and have access to all my friends only BPs

Soooo way to respond to a thread from 4 months ago :yum:
Also I dont know who you are, or why your bp’s would be worth credits.
Just sayin

sorry this was on the front page of forums didn’t know it was old. Look me up.